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This New Day

Look before you leap
Cause then you'll see what everybody sees
You see the other side is out of reach
It's nothing you can change

And everything won't work out in the end
You realise the...

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End Is Near

I can't believe it's all the same
I can't believe we fill our lives with all these trials and errors on our way
But I'll be there, I'll be there
I should have never shown my hand
But look ou...

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Even Smaller Stones

I know you hope the little people don't exist
I know you hope we'll fight and miss
I know you hope it's never gonna come to it
Now you know that you're at risk
When you set me up
Put me wh...

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Exploding Machines

Bright explosion in the sky
A light that burn my eyes
Make me come alive
I thought I'd see the sign
Pray that I was right
As tears from my eyes
Blurred the scene

Now a sign inside me...

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Birds end their song
Only you compare, Only you know where they're gone
Clutch the final straw
Break it in your hand, no-one understands it's yours

Now don't let go, never let it go again ...

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I Can't Come Down

When I lost you, I played a part I never really knew
Letting go, was the best thing I could do
Before you turn that knife, you have to say you'll cut me down
And letting go, is effortless now ...

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I've always been whole-hearted
But it would take a saint to understand
And so they had me martyred so I'd find out
The sky explodes above us
And I know there's no other one but you
I know ...

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You flicker like a mile high neon sign
Hot and cold so no-one knows your mind
I was gonna let you win but I won't break
For an hour I held the moon on a string
Now this moments left till the...

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Nature's Law

I tried to fight the feeling, the feeling took me down
I struggle and I lost the day you knocked me out
Now everything's got meaning, the meanings bring me down
I'm watching as a screening of ...

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No Use Crying

I won't let you break
You'll live to fight another day
All so you feel safe
I'd take a bullet, jump a speeding train

I kick to stay afloat, and end this sad song on a happy note
No one e...

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I've waited, and given the chance again,
I'd do it all the same, but either way
I'm always outplayed, up on your down days
I left it the right way, to start again

[Chorus 1]
Now watch me...

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Honey, It's been a long time coming
And I can't stop now
Such a long time running
And I can't stop now
Do you hear my heart beating
Can you hear that sound
Cause I can't stop thinking

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Someday, you're gonna see the way I see things
Break out the box they keep you sealed in
Someday, you find the real thing

Someday, you're gonna feel the isolation
'cause no one wants you wit...

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Looking As You Are

I told the Devil and the deep blue sea to hide
I thought that you were after them
I was right
But it's a picture I'll always keep in mind
Where you say I've never been even liked
For anyth...

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Wish 'Em All Away

Stars are wheeling in the sky, I guard the last of my line
Like a sleeping army I will wait
So drum the devils out your dreams and send them all to meet me
I will lay me down until you're safe...

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Spell It Out

Heres my list of all the things I should have said and done
The boats I missed and all the fights I lost I really should have won
And im not the only one
I wont bow or take the world as you wo...

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Near Life

You would be wrongs for a tale so sad
To end upon a note just like that
Happy lost and still unaware
Throw your worries down with your cares
All I've got to show me I'm good
Is the fight I...

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Out Of Nothing

Out of nothing you came to my arms and you're right
I fell every time
You're the first and the last time that I'll ever try
So dry your eyes, I'll say goodbye, I say goodbye...

I'm left ha...

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A Glorious Day

Who could send something so pure to lure me away
I fought the last of my breath
But you came along on a glorious day
By the time that you left I was crawling again
Yeah you came along on a g...

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Keeping me up on my feet, was a love so complete
I have chased, but never bettered
Everything seemed like it fell at our feet
Now she's out of my reach and there forever

In the end I wishe...

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Мэрилин Монро, 1952 год. Элегантная Клаудия Шиффер в платье от Valentino, 1995 год. Эрнест Хемингуэй с кошкой на руках у своего дома. Куба, 1954 год. Финал между сборными хоккея СССР и Канады. Счет -...

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Клаудия Шиффер в рекламной кампании Chanel, 1995 год. Эли Лартер в журнале Esquire, 2010 год. Юрий Гагарин в образе Посейдона на костюмированной вечеринке в Звездном городке в честь новых космонавтов...

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Звезды сериала "Твин Пикс", 1990 г. Лана Дель Рей в журнале GQ, 2012 год. Людмила Гурченко и автомобиль ВАЗ-2109 подаренный ей на кинофестивале. СССР, 1980-е....

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Майкл Джексон в нью-йоркской подземке, 1981 год. Чак Норрис проводит отбор девушек для нового фильма в клубе «Беверли Хиллз». Москва, 1996 год....

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Боб Mapли игpaeт в фyтбол в Лондоне, 1970-e. Клаудия Кардинале кормит котиков спагетти. Авиакатастрофа, в которой в погиб Юрий Гагарин. 27.03.1968....

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Тренер Александр Гомельский и "Русский Халк Хоган " баскетболист Владимир Ткаченко, 1990-е. Любoвь Пoлищyк, 1989 год. Дочь Чарли Чаплина Джеральдина Чаплин на съемках Доктора Живаго, 1965 год....