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It Really Doesn't Matter

I spent some time across the waves
I learned a lot of things I never could
I waved my magic wand over the past
I never understood

It really doesn't matter at all
It really doesn't matter...

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Moment in Paradise

Oh, yeah

She never cried, she only tried
To fly beyond her dreams
No walls around her mind

Deep inside she'd try to hide
That she was way beyond her means
No borders and no lines


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Lonesome Lullaby

I listened to the whine for way too long
Time for me to hear a different song
I waited overtime for things to turn around
Tired of waiting for it all to hit the ground

You said you knew al...

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Ordinary Dream

I couldn't really understand at all
The writing on the wall
From you to me

A jigsaw puzzle of a twisted tale
That set it's lonely sail
From you to me

'cause I tried to get the messag...

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A Long Time Gone

Seems like forever and time left to spare
When I look out the window
And still you're not there
You're a long time gone
Such a long time gone

Tearing down memories bitter and sweet

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Easy Money

One, two, three...

Tell me I'm mistaken
I must be kinda slow
But the only time you ever cared
Was when you needed more ... easy money, easy money
You got out of control and you sold your...

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Just for Love

Falling through the endless sky
The signals dance upon the twilight
Calling out to reach someone
Who waits there in the lonely night

Just for love
Just for love

Soon beyond the melti...

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State of Mind

I was goin' round the world
I was lookin' for somewhere
I was searchin' for someone
Who was gonna take me there

Didn't want to do it 'cause I knew what I'd find
Your're really only livin...

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In My Own Time

Doom, gloom and misery
That's what you gave to me
Cold, tight, late and mean
Beyond my wildest dreams

Now that it's over
And the sun came out to shine
Don't look for me
'cause I set ...

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All She Wanted

She was a good girl
Been true to herself
Never swayed by the notions of somebody else
She'd had it rough, maybe most of the time
With only one thing on her mind

All she wanted was a lovi...

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The gold verandah in the dark has gone
Down to the metal man.
No better time to leave the ground
And maybe try to understand.

You gotta hold on to somethin' that you believe,
Hold on to ...

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Melting in The Sun

There's no way out and there's no way back
Sailing forever out along your path
Some troubles dare to lose you sleep
I started thinkin' that I'm in too deep

The wheels of life will stretch ...

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Stranger on a Quiet Street

When all the thrills have been forgotten
The chill of night can call them home
And all the dreams that you left stranded
Will slowly start to come along

I felt it as she slipped away, slip...

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Every Night

I've got rocket for your parade
Heavy breathing for you made in the shade
I've got an itch that just won't quit
I see in that dress that just don't fit
I see you walking with that twobit boy
I ...

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Once Upon a Time

Meeting you in the park and talking in the pouring rain
(oh what a time we had)
Running home in the dark and pretending it was all a game
(oh what a time)
Those were the days, those were the day...

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Hello hello, it's great to see you once again
It's been so long,
We were such friends,
Long time ago
Hello hello, your smiling face
Your warm embrace,
We've been apart,
Far too long,
It felt...

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Thousand Eyes

The night has a thousand eyes
And they're all on you
The night has a thousand ears
Listening to your cries
Let it work it's magic
Let it work it's magic
The night has a thousand eyes

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For The Love of a Woman

No one could say
How she caught my eyes
To this day,
I don't know why
Oh well her eyes
So much like diamonds,
And her heart
So much like gold
I knew that i'd
Win her in time,
When I felt h...

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Honest Men

We're just a stone's throw
From burning hellfire
Does anybody know,
Where did all the heroes go?
We've had our fill of
This gallery of scoundrels,
The leaders of the world,
Those power hungr...

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Easy Street

I've had enough of forever being told what to say and do
I've had enough
I've had enough being always pushed around by the likes of you
I'm making some plans of my own now
And you know what you ...

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