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Put on your blindfold
And a dress that's tight
And come with me
On a mystery night
Open your eyes

Follow our stars under a painted sky
We'll leave the world behind
We're learning to fly
We u...

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The Sweetest Condition

Taken in by the delicate noise
Knocked to the ground by the subtle thunder
Shackled and bound by the sound of your voice
Wandering around in silent wonder

What chance did I have
With the silver...

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When The Body Speaks

To the soul's desires
The body listens
What the flesh requires
Keeps the heart imprisoned

What the spirit seeks
The mind will follow
When the body speaks
All else is hollow

I'm just an ang...

840 песни

The Dead Of Night

We're the horniest boys
With the corniest ploys
Who take the easiest girls
To our sleaziest worlds

With our lecherous plans
In our treacherous hands
You'd be wasting your time
Saying no, it's...

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If you've been hiding from love
If you've been hiding from love
I can understand where you're coming from
I can understand where you're coming from

If you've suffered enough
If you've suffered ...

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Comatose, almost
You've got me dreaming
Slipping in
And Sliding out
Of conscious feeling

Take a light
Start the flame
Play the game
I am lost
In your eyes
Here I believe

840 песни

I Feel Loved

It's the dark night of my soul
And temptation's taking hold
But through the pain and the suffering
Through the heartache and trembling

I feel loved
I feel loved

As the darkness closes in

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I heard a rumour
They travel far
You know what it's like
The way people are
They talk and they talk
Though they don't understand
They'll whisper and whisper
And lie on demand
Please tell me no...

840 песни

I Am You

You have bound my heart with subtle chains
So much pleasure that it feels like pain
So entwined now that we can't shake free
I am you and you are me

No escaping from the mess we're in
So much p...

840 песни

Goodnight Lovers

Here, somewhere in the heart of me
There is still a part of me
That cares

And I'll, I'll still take the best you've got
Even though I'm sure it's not
The best for me

When you're born a lover...

840 песни

Dream On

As your bony fingers close around me
Long and spindly
Death becomes me
Heaven can you see what I see

Hey you pale and sickly child
You're death and living reconciled
Been walking home a crooke...

840 песни

Only When I Lose Myself

It's only when I lose myself in someone else
That I find myself
I find myself
It's only when I lose myself in someone else
That I find myself
I find myself
Something beautiful is happening insid...

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Laying on your holy bed
by the hallowed door
Feeling like an infidel
Not worthy of your call
Tempted by your innocence
Beckoned to my fate
I won't face the consequence
I wouldn't hesitate
I'm ...

840 песни

Sister of Night

When the hunger descends
And your body's a fire
An inferno that never ends
An eternal flame
That burns in desire's name
Sister of night
When the longing returns
Giving voice to the flame

840 песни


This is an insight
Into my life
This is a strange flight
I'm taking
My true will
Carries me along
This is a soul dance
Embracing me
This is the first chance
To put things right
Moving on

840 песни

The Bottom Line

Like a cat dragged in from the rain
Who goes straight back out and do it all over again
I'll be back for more
Something that is out of our hands
Something we will never understand
It's a hidden l...

840 песни


I can hear your soul crying
Listen to your spirit sighing
I can feel your desperation
Emotional deprivation
Let yourself go
Let yourself go
Let your feelings show
Picking up the conversations

840 песни


Well it's about time
It's beginning to hurt
Time you made up your mind
Just what is it all worth
All my useless advice
All my hanging around
All your cutting down to size
All my bringing you do...

840 песни

Barrel of a Gun

Do you mean this horny creep
Set upon weary feet
Who looks in need of sleep
That doesn't come
This twisted, tortured mess
This bed of sinfulness
Who's longing for some rest
And feeling numb

840 песни

The Love Thieves

Oh the tears that you weep
For the poor tortured souls
Who fall at your feet
With their love begging bowls
All the clerks and the tailors
The sharks and the sailors
All good at their trades

840 песни

За кадром: что известно о личной жизни актеров сериала «Троцкий»


В начале ноября 2023-го на Первом канале повторили телесериал «Троцкий». Кинолента рассказала о событиях, которые происходили с государственным деятелем в начале и середине прошлого столетия. В сюжетн...

Александр Абдулов в роли Менахема–Мендла и Милла Йовович. Нью-Йорк, 1990-е


Милла Йовович. Нью-Йорк, 1990-е. Александр Абдулов в роли Менахема–Мендла, Татьяна Пельтцер в образе его мамаши в спектакле театра Ленкома "Поминальная молитва". 1989. Поимка сбежавшей белой медведиц...

15-летняя Лив Тайлер с мамой Бебе Бьюэлл на фото Дэвида МакГоу и Потрясная Энн Хэтэуэй в фильме "Темный рыцарь. Возрождение легенды", 2012 г.


15-летняя Лив Тайлер с мамой Бебе Бьюэлл на фото Дэвида МакГоу в 1993 году. Конкурс "Королева табака", Северная Каролина, 1950–е. Потрясная Энн Хэтэуэй в фильме "Темный рыцарь. Возрождение легенды", 2...

Сигурни Уивер и Мел Гибсон, ей 33, ему 26, 1983 год и Леонардо Ди Каприо и Мартин Скорсезе на съемках фильма "Остров проклятых"


Сигурни Уивер и Мел Гибсон, ей 33, ему 26, 1983 год. Леонардо Ди Каприо и Мартин Скорсезе на съемках фильма "Остров проклятых", 2010 год. Группа туристов позирует на статуе Будды. Камакура. Япония, 18...