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Heart of our time

All around
So much change is taking place
We're moving in a different way
All around
You can feel the wind of change
It's out there
On the streets
It's beyond the wildest dreams

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Walk in your own light

We held it all
In our hands
Where a state of mind
Like a new born child
We're the colours of the rainbow
And all the love you gave
We've witnessed
To the lives you've saved
Oh the powers that ...

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If only they knew what we're doing
Who knows, we might have a chance
If only they'd hear what I'm saying
God knows, we might have a chance
To make a contribution
A standing Institution
I remembe...

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Expressing the heart

Black and white
Expressing the heart of our time
Old and young
Expressing the heart of our time
You and me
We, have so much to learn
We speak as children do
Without fear of our lives
Love an...

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High climber

I am the high climber
And I'm never gonna stop
Gotta keep pushing
Gonna make it to the top
I am the high climber
Got the bit between my teeth
You better watch out now
Gonna knock you off your f...

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Caught us standing in the crossfire
Caught us standing in the crossfire
Don't make a move
The tension is rising
It's a suicide trip
No time for heroes
The runaway's a frightening sight

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Grown ups

Go play outside little one
Daddy will call
When our time has come
We're in the hands of the grown ups
We sow the seeds
And watch it grow
But unlike us
You'll never know
It was in the hands of...

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One small step

All in all this world is what it is
We shall leave the way we came
Changed in years, lives and memories
All the pictures that make up our day
One small step
Is all we'll ever take
In this slips...

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First class

The sellout clothes they wear
Still fit the new line
Blood's thicker than water
So they say
It isn't what you know
But who you are
Where you've been
And what you've got
A first class ticket t...

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Cold in the air

Through the cold in the air
I breathe the fear you're feeling
Break free catch up with them now
Of course I was the best in my day
Built to survive
You've turned out that way

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Touching the ice

Heading in the new direction
Old bulldogs had its day
Steel wheels moving in slow motion
Think it's time to take our place
Let's rattle the cage
Work the machine
Let'em know who you are
Shine ...

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Slip through the net
You're on your own
Crossing the water
With all the blue lights on
It's what you say
And what you do
Make for the change in the end
Sensing the warm glow
Got the picture n...

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The link part I

It was there all the time
just couldn't make the shape
The room for expansion
Play through the gate
You were so nearly right
You were too damn close
You could have walked on the water
You never...

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The link part II

So much more for us to say
So much more for us
So much more for us to see
So much more for us
From the ship on the water
To new shifts in space
The true potential
Was staring us in the face

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New ground

Seeing things now
No one has seen
Am I so unique?
Will they know what I mean?
Standing on new ground
Standing on new ground
Changes were made
Outraced the light
Feeling no fear
Only wonder

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From the outside

Another hand has turned
Across the face of time
Reaching out somewhere beyond
We're on the outside
Looking back at you
There's so much more to black and white
No more heroes they're left behind...

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Still they dig for gold
Fooled on city streets
With no regard for mine
We watch the same repeats
Repeat the same mistakes
And swore we'd get it right next time
Riding high in Wonderland

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There are spaces in my mind
It's a fine line
So many places I have seen
Is this my time?
Eight ninths below the waterline
Out of my hands
Eight ninths below the waterline
Oh no
Another child...

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The plague

Begin the madness
Tear down the sign
Ideals and values
They use to keep us in line
Turn a blind eye to jobless millions
Queues of wreckage to be broken down
Leaders feed us their solutions

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Nowhere to run

Nowhere to run
No place left to hide
Nowhere to run
No place left to hide
I just can't believe it
What a waste
What the hell has gone on here
This devastated place
Thought this was buried wit...

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