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You can find another country if you want
Somewhere you can hide yourself away
Find yourself another set of holes to haunt
Get yourself another debt that you can't pay

Yeah, you can try to run ...

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Mother Nature's Writing

Open up your eyes,
Everything is crying out this could be your time
She fell out of the sky,
Must every star been working on
Heavenly designs

A crooked line of lightning, a silent movie moon

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Cruel Light of Day

Someone's opening up for business
The morning rings the same old way
But someone should've taught me forgiveness
Now I see it in the cruel light of day

Tell him he's done me a kindness
She wa...

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Life is Full

People say you are a stand up guy
You'd never hurt no one and you'd never try
And you laugh and you cry
And you do all the things that anybody does to show they are alive.

Friends say you are ...

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Through All That Nothing

Honey, sometimes those big blue eyes
Can make me fall out of bed in surprise
In the bright morning sun,
In the howling wind, in the shirt you sleep in,
You're the one

'cos it's you, that I tr...

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Lucky Guy

Baby, hold it, just let me try
For just one minute be this other guy
Live his life
With my home and my faithful wife
And your pretty face to kiss some nights

Ain't I a lucky guy, I get what I...

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Make It Always Be Too Late

What I want is everything to clear
So let the clocks be wrong
Let the evening be longer let me drown in here
What I want gets clouded by the sun
I can't see beyond
The petty things that living ...

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What I Think She Sees

I've been in this place many times before
With my baby's things among my shoes and strings and clothes
But just because I'm here
Don't mean I can't run out that door
Ain't that what those runnin...

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No Family Man

Well, I talk like a boy to my baby sometimes
And you talk like a baby when your boy is crying
You made something to love but I love what I am
No family man

So don't tell me you've got somethin...

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Not Where It's At

With some girls it don't matter who you hang with
With some girls it don't matter how you talk
And some girls they are easy to be yourself with
But the one girl that I want, ain't easy to please ...

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Won't Make It Better

So you say you are sick of love
Got a mind to give the damn thing up
Got a housefull of stuff your lovers left
Gonna take a bus to the city dump with it

So you want to throw away the old you

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Funny Way to Win

So you want me to play the bleeding role
Just so he can know how I needed you.
Well that's okay with me, it's a part I think I know
God knows he won't need to suspend belief.

I know it's just ...

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Some Other Sucker's Parade

I must've had a million damn unlucky days
But there ain't no cloud that a bottle can't chase away
I've done my deal of living, ran from place to place
But when the roof comes in I don't wanna tak...

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High Times

Little snow white, she is sleeping 24 hours a day
She's got a right to be lazy, flat out of reasons to breathe
And it's cold baby, yes it's cold
But everything is relative can't you see we're liv...

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Being Somebody Else

How are you going to pass the time of day
In your beautiful empty shell,
When you've shaken the hand of so many sinceroes
You feel like a fake yourself

How do you choose between you and me

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It Might as Well Be You

There is nobody here tonight, who doesn't dance to the same tune as i
Looking for that special someone new, and hey babe it might as well be you

And as I fumble through my change, the dance floo...

148 песни

Start With Me

With all the stuff they sell you night and day
With all the trash they try to trick you with you lie to me
Well I don't need it but I get it anyway
With all the sadness and lunacy,
With all the ...

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Crashing Down

Well it might not be so important to you now
When the night is young and everyone's around
And the music flows
Through your doped up disney mind.

But you'll be crying like a baby when it comes...

148 песни

It's Never Too Late to Be Alone

Summer here is over in a million different ways
You look like a dream sometimes, but I don't dream these days
Yesterday the snow fell, by four o'clock it thawed
And last night making love to you,...

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Tell Her This

Tell her not to go
I ain't holding on no more
Tell her something in my mind freezes up from time to time

Tell her not to cry
I just got scared that's all
Tell her I'll be by her side, all she...

148 песни

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