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Like A Sundrop In The Rain

Like a sundrop in the rain
I try to clear the air
Push away this endless water-curtain

Like a teardrop on a face
I flow down my way
On the ground where I burst the pain

Down where the water ...

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Drowning In Dreams

Sometimes when I look into my mind
There is a place I have to find
It's a world without no borders
There is no law, there are no orders
I fly away into the sky
I've lost control, I'm flying high

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Imprisoned Sun

I'm walking over the plains
Alone with my sorrow
I want to bury it where you lie
My imprisoned sun, caught in stone

Now my friend the moon
Covers the earth with hies green coat
I can only see ...

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As the northwind starts to whisper
I open my encrusted eyes
And walk into the beyiond
To the land of the thousand skies

As my life slowly fades away
I see the end of this mistery
Now I finally...

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The days of doom commence
And my soul is lost
As the skies turn black

Forgotten in darkness;
A restless wanderer
In gloomy autumn nights

So a deathlike silence
Fulfills my bleeding cradicat...

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Remind me of the old times
Just tell me stories about 'em
I did not forget your name
Beware me of makin' this mistake again!

I live here in my grave
I never died in this well
Dont's leave me r...

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Velvet Sands

I lay down my head in deepest sorrow
And feel the emptiness of my soul
NOthing is left but your image
A fading picture is my blackened mind

A black swan dies an it's tears
Get dried from the du...

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When the sun is rolling
Over the horizon
That I can almost touch it
I reach out my hand for the light
That lets my heart chant

I have the feeling Like being torn apart
When my pleasure and des...

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Thousand miles away from home
I offer myself to the sea
What have I done in the past?
Why can't you help me now?

My body is a part of the waves
My mind is the warm white dans
When the sun sets...

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My eyes burning in disguise so bright

Feeding my soul with pain

I am disgusting to this world

Lead me away from here

Disheartening believe broke my

Filling my head with r...

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'cause I lost...

I can't find a way back out

I can't find a love to shroud

I can't find a thing about

I can't find what's going round

there's no law I'm und...

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I am living in a dream, far away from reality

When my eyes are dearly closed, when the sun sets for evermore

Imprisoned in a blackened mind I cannot see any form of life

But I don't ...

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A Piece Of Life

A drop of time

Frozen in the moment

A moment frozen in ice

A piece of life kept in time

A second for a lifetime

A life for a day

And if I'd say:

"I'll ...

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Now I feel like the whole year is gettin' to an end

- like winter is only a dark and an empty space

Once warm, once cold is the freshest breeze of all,

bringing me the news ...

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I am, I am

You die, We die

Softly spoken, heart caressed

Gently touched, - "Stay with me!"

Hear my voice - through the night

As I read your every word


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so - we gaze - at the shores, at our souls

thoughts - they fly - up to sky, up to him

see the writing on the wall

watch a god pretend to fall

pull the stars all down to ...

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Devil Inside

Fly, flying high

Risin' upwards to the sky

Will you kill the angels

And greet the devils?

Try to threat all dead

To become immortal

Will you seek resurrectio...

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Do we know

Here, we're standing calm - and never speak

We will not talk - 'cause we're too weak

The words that harm - were never said

They'll never be - until we're dead

Do we know...

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As the days are passing on

And the nights - it has no end

All the fears that kept inside

Another state of my insanity

Can't wake up although I try

Begging for the...

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At your side - I never died

My Eidolon - so hold me tight

With trust in you my hope shall live

And bring me through my endless dream

Created of same blood and flesh

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