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Serpent Moves

I'm moving, I'm changing

I might
Find myself
Out in
The desert's land
Raise the moon
Call the dead
Touch the sky
Curse the sand

I might
Leave myself
Out in
The desert's land
Like ...

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The Lethargic Age

A thousand souls are waiting, for a day that never comes
A thousand eyes still closed, cause they're afraid to see the world
Two thousand hands are bound, with golden chains they bought themselves...

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Internal Conflicts

I will crush my skull, when I feel like doing it
I will break my bones, when I feel like doing it

I will cut my veins, when I feel like doing it
I will shred my skin, when I feel like doing it...

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Caveat (To The Coming)

Children, fragile minds beware
This world is about to cut your hair
This world is about to bleach your skin
This world is about to lock you in

Gentle, fragile minds beware
This world will ap...

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Serpent Moves

I'm moving, I'm changing

I might
Find myself
Out in
The desert's land
Raise the moon
Call the dead
Touch the sky
Curse the sand

I might
Leave myself
Out in
The desert's land

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Status: Still Thinking

Don't wanna know your brother's name
Don't wanna know your sister's face
Don't wanna know your mother's age
Don't wanna know your father's wage

Don't wanna know your former friends
Don't wan...

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Paralized Mesmerized

I will smile, while you still cry
I'll be in the light, while you still hide
I'll be far away, while you still sleep
And I'll always remember this believe

The end of the road
The end of a lo...

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Grin (Nails Hurt)

Oppression, weighs a ton
Depression, stains in black
Regression, the way things run
Aggression, my last resort

Love never crossed my way
Care, not even for myself
Peace means to reload a gu...

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Again and again
It winds slick/lix-like to have a fire site
Perilous thorn in my brain

Parasite nimble with convulsed streams of plasma
Nestles, sure of entry, in my brain

It breeds
It s...

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Divine Step (Conspectu Mortis)

This is the last hit
Your heart will beat Into
this world ...
This is the first step
Your soul will take
Up to the sky ...
No time to pray 'cos you
Can't stay where words
Like that would cou...

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Son Of Lilith

I'm coming out of the void
Along a spiral trace
Escorted by a thousand
Remembered but still unknown
I don't need wings
To reach the sky
And I don't need hands
To hold you tight ...

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Semtex Revolution

They tore me down
They threw me out
They shot my mouth
They enslaved my mind
They blocked my way
Holding me back with
Their stupid game ...
Hand on trigger
Phantom face
Don't trust no one

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Oh how I loved the game
When we were dancin' on bridges
High above rivers of tears and
The lightness of innocence gave us wings
We were sleepin' covered
By darkness' black velvet
So far from c...

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See me become a snake
Wrapped around your neck
See me become a spike
Pushed deep in your flesh
Feel me become a tongue
Gliding softly down your spine ...
Feel me become the essence
That makes...

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Pale Sister

With wounded knees
And the musty scent
Of incense in her hair
Captured by the barbed hook
Of eternal devotion
Stigma bleeds
In the book that leads
To her final end
Civitas Dei
She lives on ...

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About Life

In a world
Where we think
That we've seen
In a world
Where we think
That we rise above
All things
In a time
That is so fast
You have to run
So you won't get lost
In a time

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I Want You (She's So Heavy)

I want you
I want you so bad
I want you
I want you so bad it's
drivin' me mad

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Die By My Hand

Shining metal
Arc of light
Red eyes
Smell of fear
Deep cut
Red stream
On white skin
In slowmotion

Stop time
Close your lips
Keep the word
Lay down and sleep
With bleeding heart
I'll ...

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No Need To Be Human

A new day's born
After a long hard ride
I'm on my way
To a place called home

But now I'm here
Lost between machines
Watching grey, mute faces
Go on and destroy their lives

Why do you ...

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Read My Scars

My cry echoes on a naked wall
Cold like a crystal
Numbered hours creeping
Insanity strangles reality...

Weakened, crushed, formed
New dimensions arise
My mind becomes a fortress

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Фредди Меркьюри на своем 40-м дне рождения, 1986 год. Рита Морено, 1954 год. Чepeп, принадлежавший pимскому солдaтy, погибшeму во вpeмя Гaлльской войны, 52 гoд до н.э....

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Луи Армстронг играет для своей жены в Каире. Египет, 1961 год. Две игральные кости Индской цивилизации. Хараппа, территория современного Пакистана , 2600-1900 г. до н.э....