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Among My Souvenirs

There's nothing left for me of days that used to be

There's just a memory among my souvenirs

Some letters tied in blue, a photograph or two

I see a rose from you among my ...

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Follow The Boys

Follow the Boys

Artist: Connie Francis (peak Billboard position # 17 in 1963)

title song from her movie

Words and Music by Benny Davis and Ted Murry

I'll fo...

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Connie Francis

(Spoken): Frankie, wherever you are, I love you

Though you've found a new love, I still miss you so

I just can't forget you, but you'...

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God Bless America

God Bless America

John Williams & Boston Pops Orchestra

Music & Lyrics : Irving Berlin - Arr. Glenn Osser

Notes : Written for the 1918 soldier revue

"Yip, Yip, Yaphank" but...

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I Was Such A Fool (to Fall In Love With You)

I Was Such A Fool (To Fall In Love With You)

Connie Francis

I was such a fool to fall in love with you,

I was such a fool to think you loved me,too,

"Cause suddenly...

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Lipstick On Your Collar

Lipstick On Your Collar

Artist: Connie Francis (peak Billboard position # 5 in 1959)

Words by Edna Lewis and Music by George Goehring

(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...

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Many Tears Ago


Connie Francis

They said your cheating heart will make me cry

And like a fool I gave it a try

I should've listened when they told me so

Many m...

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No One

No One

Connie Francis

No one ever kissed me the way that you do,

And no one ever told me"I love you",

No one ever cared,

No, no one ever shared,

All t...

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Second Hand Love

Second Hand Love

Artist: Connie Francis (peak Billboard position # 7 in 1962)

Words and Music by Hank Hunter and Phil Spector

featuring the unmistakable piano styling of F...

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Connie Francis

There's a guy I want you to know

He's the guy I love so

He's my Teddy, oh Teddy

I I love you so

Oh I remember the day tha...

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The Biggest Sin Of All

The Biggest Sin Of All

Connie Francis

Backup (intro):

And that was the biggest sin of all.


It was a sin the way you lied to me,

The way you br...

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Connie Francis

Written by De Sylva, Brown and Henderson

We strolled the lane together

Laughed at the rain together,

Sang love's refrain together

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Artist: Connie Francis (peak Billboard position # 9 in 1962)

Words and Music by Hank Hunter, Connie Francis, and Gary Weston

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N in the summer...

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We Have Something More (than A Summer Love)

We Have Something More (Than A Summer Love)

Connie Francis

The summer's over,

And now you're going,

But I know that our love won't die,

While you're away,

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When The Boys Meet The Girls

When The Boys Meet The Girls

Connie Francis

When the boys meet the girls,

I'll know my love when I see him,

I'll recognize the look in his eyes,

That tells m...

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Where The Boys Are

Where the boys are, someone waits for me

A smilin' face, a warm embrace, two arms to hold me tenderly

Where the boys are, my true love will be

He's walkin' down some stree...

141 песни

Your Other Love

Your Other Love

- Artist: Connie Francis

- peak Billboard position # 28 in 1963

- Words and Music by Klaus Ogermann and Ben Raleigh

Your other love


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My Heart Cries For You

My Darling.

My heart cries for you

Sighs for you, just dies for you

My arms long for you

Please come back to me

An unimportant quarrel

Is what ...

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The Shadow of Your Smile

Know what I remember spring

All the joy that love can bring

I will be remembering

The shadow of your smile

When you are gone

The color on my dreams


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Пока юмористы Гарик Харламов и Евгений Петросян мелькают в колонке звездных разводов, а «гламурные подонки» Comedy Club переходят на шутки 40+, молодые и обаятельные уже завоевали признание любителей ...

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Голливудская улыбка считается эталоном. Однако знаменитости не всегда готовы идти на жертвы ради красоты и затягивают поход к стоматологу. Звезды без зубов и их способы сохранить презентабельный вид....

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Темнокожие актрисы привлекают внимание мужчин. Их фото в Сети пользуются популярностью, и режиссеры обращают на них внимание, приглашая на роли ярких красоток. Список самых красивых чернокожих актрис....

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Для каждой матери ее дети, а особенно сыновья, – надежда и опора. Поэтому многие женщины критически воспринимают избранницу и претендентку на роль супруги сына, не желая отдавать родного человека в не...

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Британский таблоид The SUN, используя принцип золотого сечения и маску Марквардта, составил рейтинг самых красивых мужчин мира....