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Hand On Heart

though I know you're here,
right by my side
I feel so insecure
intuition calls to mind
the memory of a cold december night
it was only you and I a
true belief in neverending stories
but maybe...

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Would It Be The Same

too many things that could go wrong
you know we both were far too young
and everything can't make such perfect sense
I see myself in you today
I gotta find my own way now
all I want is to move ...

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Cardinal Sin

no-one knows what lies
behind my stare
my eyes do not reflect
and no-one knows the dreams
I bear the world I must protect
within my soul
within my soul
a thousand kings have died
I wanna kno...

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Hold On

don't try to seize the
time we shared
for all I ever do I do
for you just close your eyes and say you care for all we ever knew
I know its true
and I will teach you how
to laugh and cry
the w...

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Tell Me When I'm Gone

I could never compromise on all my dreams
I would never sacrifice my self-esteem
paint your kiss on someone elses collar
soak your sorrow with another dollar
tell me when I'm gone
"nothing can ...

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Reach Out

I am a god
I live tomorrow here today
(I am far too young to worry)
just open wide I see right
through you anyway (it's so easy to be free)
reach out
reach out
you'll live forever
reach out

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you are everything
I would you are found in what I do
as the moon passes slowly by
we say our words and then
we cry a little bit cause we do belong
the dark seems so bright tonight
keep me clo...

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sometimes it's easy to believe
it's worth the pain sometimes
you wonder if your efforts
were all in vain
you talk to shadows on the wall
you try so hard to understand
how all the little lies

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A Virtual Lovestory

you cast a carmine kiss
across the digits into my lonely life
I felt a certain bliss
I tried to save it to keep the rush alive
holy holy (but so unreal)
slowly slowly (my circuit heart corrodes...

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Angel (Come Walk With Me)

it's only me my friend
your private lucifer
an angel heaven sent down
to your deepest fears
walk with me
talk to me again
in your sleep
when you're weak astray
I feel you right inside me

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little mirror on the wall
forgive my sins as so many times before
your calm convinced the
world I know is beyond your reach
your eyes too numb to see
and even though you pretend to search
you ...

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Some Wounds

clinch onto the swirling wind
have a glimpse of ancient sins
taste a ray of amber light
as the weary sun goes down
there is yet another shore
luna's light won't leave
you anymore
closing in c...

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blind eyes search the sky
but try not to reveal uncertainty
behind images dancing on a wall
each tear a vision
the more you cry you'll learn
it's so easy to hide in the dark
the song you know ...

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In Your Multitude

another day reaches for life
and when I see you're not there
I hush the sunrise nails
in my tired head
wide awake wide awake remember
all how you laughed when
you were near things
we never kn...

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Carnal Comprehension

blind eyes search the sky
but try not to reveal uncertainty
behind images dancing on a wall
each tear a vision
the more you cry you'll learn
it's so easy to hide in the dark
the song you know ...

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A Million Gods

don't hesitate to hope,
they said come close,
don't be afraid love
don't seem to find it's
way to where you stay
you have to feel the light,
they said it's easy to forget
love is really far a...

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Under A Mourning Star

I'm a new messiah won't
you cry a tear for me
I absorb your sleepless nights
I'm a black horizon
I'm solitude in chains
always in your way 'cause this is my land
won't you join my lamentation ...

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Missionary Man

I've seen the outline of
a scheme a vision of tranquility
the world in my profound embrace
I've seen conclusions
at the end a mellow hymn
of promises the voice of
god requesting me
I provide ...

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in cover of a dazzling fullmoon
I pace in the hall rendered harmless
by the memory of what I used to be
night's soon over I dread another sunrise
the pain of knowing I might
have changed the wo...

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I have crossed the ultimate limit today
(a war is half-way won)
time and time again I've said to myself;
there's a time and place for everyone
frozen flame subsides in hunger
my heartbeat linge...

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Кристен Белл в фотосессии Rolling Stone & Nylon Mag и Гайя Кауки — мальтийская певица, победительница конкурсов песни «Детское Евровидение — 2013»


Кристен Белл в фотосессии Rolling Stone & Nylon Mag, 2000-ые. Михаил Ульянов, Анна Синякина и Станислав Говорухин на съёмках фильма "Ворошиловский стрелок", 1999 год. Уолт Дисней с Микки Маусом около ...

Крушение крупнейшего дирижабля Гинденбург и Занятие в школе подводных фотографов Брюса Мозерта


Роуз Лесли, 2010-ые. Крушение крупнейшего дирижабля Гинденбург, ознаменовавшая конец эпохи дирижаблестроения. Занятие в школе подводных фотографов Брюса Мозерта, 1954 год, Сильвер Спринг. Тpoе мужчин-...

Король поп-музыки Мaйкл Джексон в самом начале сольной карьеры и "Мисс Турция 2006" Мерве Буюксарач


Дайана Ригг, она же бабушка Оленна Тирелл в Игре Престолов, 1967 г. Брэд Питт в кинофильме «Интервью с вампиром», кадры 1994 года. Король поп-музыки Мaйкл Джексон в самом начале сольной карьеры. США,...

Тильда Суинтон в молодости и Кирстен Данст


Тильда Суинтон в молодости, 80-ые. Кирстен Данст, 2000-ые. Соблазнительные девушки–кролики Playboy, 1960 год. Джим Керри и Камерон Диас со своими дублерами Лизой Нанзьеллой и Дино Джорджио на съёмках ...

Шведская группа ABBA и Николь Кидман1995 год


Кейт Бекинсейл, 2010-ые. Шведская группа ABBA. 1974 г. Калифорнийские фермеры во время работы в саду на специальных ходулях, 1960 год. Петрова Александра - российская модель, победительница конкурса ...