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Take Me Now (stop Stop.......)

Yeah, yeah

Take me now

Oh, yeah, oh

You keep telling me you want, for eternity my love

But you say you need some time to think (think)

If i am the one, but y...

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Someone Like You

Il tempo passa senza che

lo passo mai insieme a te

ma ti pensavo sempre

nei songi tu con me

per me il mondo finira

se non ci fossi tu;

ovunque vai


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Cleopatra did ten thousand in her Iifetime

now that a wide mouth

Cleopatra gave a service with a smile

she was a wide mouthed girl

a wide mouthed girl


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What You Gonna Do Boy?

Ooo-oooooo, nooooo, noooooo.

(i'm asking you, what you gonna do boy).

(i'm asking you, what you gonna say).

(i'm asking you, what you gonna do boy).

(i'm asking you...

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Voo Doo


Voo-doo, voo-doo

You ask if i do, voo-doo

You ask what i'm doing to you

Should i let you in

Should i tell you then

You say, you see

And feel me in...

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U Got It

Na-oh, oh

(i'll never let you go)

Ooh, oh, hey, yeah

Baby, baby, don't you know

I'll never let you go

No, no, no, no, i

[the more i think about it, yo...

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Two Timer

(are you a two timer, are you a two timer . . . ).

(are you a two timer, are you a two timer).

Heh-heyyy, heh-heyyy, heyyyyy-eh-eh-eh-ehhh.

(are you a two timer, are you a two tim...

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Thinking About You

Ooo-ooo-ooooo, thinking about you,


Hey i've seen you many times

And i really wanna try just to make you think about me but i (can't).

To my fr...

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The World We Live In

If we could make this world a better place,

Do you think we would be like this.

If we would care enough to make a change,

You know we'd live in love and bliss.


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The Bird Song

(i don't know the bird song but i know)

I know that i love you.

(i hear them singing in the trees)

And i know you're here with me.

I hear ya, i feel ya, i need, i need you ...

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A Touch Of Love


Baby, i feel like like the summer's gone away

(gone out of my life now)

The winter wants to stay.

My heart was on fire, now it's cooli...

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Sweat Me

Why you wanna sweat me now

Why you wanna sweat me now

Why you say, why you wanna step to me

Tryin to get my number wanna get with me

But my feeling's waited used to...

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Questions And Jealousy

Yeah, yeah, yeah

It's getting to the point

That people can't pass you by

Without staring you in the eyes

Talking junk to your face

But they don't know you fr...

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Press Here To Start

Oh, yeah

Oh, yeah, yeah

Oh, babe

Play me

I sit here lonely in my room

In a web of no emotion a cybernetic ocean

My software needs some protection

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Number 1 Fan

You follow me every where i go?br>when i see you standing there?br>every time i see your smile?br>cause you're my number one fan

You have my posters on your wall


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Nobody Said

Please girl, don't drop the phone

Stay calm but don't let it fly

It was bound to happen someday

But still nobody understands why?br>

Don't believe you are in the wrong

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I Want You Back

When i say what.

When i say what.

When i say what.

When i say what.

Uhh-uhhhh-uhhhh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh a

Let me tell you now (ooo-ooo-honey-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-...

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Dying Rose

A wilted flower is your love, it blooms and then it dies.

The love you lost or threw away, you should never find (ooo-ooo-ooooooooo).

I did love you for who you were (ooo-ooooooooo),

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Come And Get Me

Huh-huh, yeah

You know i've been checking you out

Ever since we've been hanging out

You told your boy's it's me that you like

But when you try to tell me

You run and...

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Bingo My Love

B.i.n.g.o, b.i.n.g.o, b.i.n.g.o

My love

Boy, you can

B.i.n.g.o (oh? b.i.n.g.o, b.i.n.g.o

My love

You know that

Tonight's the night [night] so single p...

20 песни

Американский иллюзионист Дэвид Копперфильд, 1977 год и Дженнифер Энистон, 2014 г.


Американский иллюзионист Дэвид Копперфильд, 1977 год. Дженнифер Энистон, 2014 г. Вика Одинцова, 2010-ые. Питер Фальк (он же "лейтенант Коломбо") в своей художественной студии, 1984 г. Актеры Джон Тра...

Джин Шримптон, которую нaзывают первой супер-моделью, 1965 год и Ханна Нью — английская модель и актриса


Актриса из сериала "Элен и ребята" Элен Ролле с поклонницей, Москва, 1998 год. Егеря с собаками на фоне стога сена, 1897 год. Джин Шримптон, которую нaзывают первой супер-моделью, 1965 год. ...

Сигурни Уивeр, 1980-е. и Aктpиca Дoлopec Фeйт, 1960-e.


Aктpиca Дoлopec Фeйт, 1960-e. Агитавтомобиль итальянской компартии с макетом советского спутника 65 лет назад... Деревня Haid Al-Jazil в Йемене. Согласно переписи 2004 года в деревне проживают 17 чело...