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The More Things Change

Woke up this morning on the wrong side of bed
I got this feeling like a train's running through my head
Turned on my radio to the same old song
Some big mouth talking trying to tell
Us where the...

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Push, Push

I'm gettin' hot
I've got to give a shot
She wants it all
and that's a lot
I'm gettin' ready,
the love's lookin' steady,
It's gettin' sticky,
I thought she might miss me
She looked at me and ...

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Hot And Bothered

You got me jumpin right out of my skin
You keep it up and I'll be comin on in
You start a feelin you're the cream of the crop
You gonna break my heart or just make it stop
You told me that you'd...

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Shelter Me

Everybody needs a little place they can hide
Somewhere to call their own
Don't let nobody inside
Every now and then we all need to let go
For some it's the doctor
For me it's rock and roll

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Night Songs

Workin' this job ain't payin' the bills
Sick and tired rat race takin' my thrills
kickin' down the road not a dime in my pocket
Nightime falls and I'm ready to rock it
I need a shot of gasoline

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Somebody Save Me

When I was a young boy
they said you're only gettin' older
but how was I to know then
that they'd be cryin' on my shoulder
put your money in a big house
get yourself a pretty wife
She'll colle...

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Heartbreak Station

Waiting at the station
Tears filling up my eyes
Sometimes the pain you hide
Burns like a fire inside
Look out my window
Sometimes it's hard to see
The things you want in life
Come and go so e...

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The Last Mile

Me and Billy boy and old lady jane
We hitched a ride, took a fast movin' train
Got to the top with our heads spinnin' round
You never know just what you got until you're
comin' back
Down on the...

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Coming Home

I took a walk down a road
It's the road I was meant to stay
I see the fire in your eyes
But a mans got to make his way
So are you tough enough for my love
Just close your eyes to the heaven abo...

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Fallin' Apart At The Seams

Ah yea
Old man looks much younger now
He lost his strength respect somehow
Look in the mirror at what I found
It's just the past and it's over now
Ooo it's over now
Ooo it's over now
My heart...

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Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)

I can't tell ya baby what went wrong
I can't make youe feel what you felt
So long ago, I'll let it show
I can't give you back what's been hurt
Heartaches come and go and all that's
left are the...

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Nobody's Fool

I count the falling tears
they fall before my eyes
seems like a thousand years
since we broke the ties
I call you on the phone
but never get a rise
so sit there all alone
it's time you realiz...

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Bad Attitude Shuffle

When I get up in the morning
Got a world of trouble on my mind
And nothin seems too easy
When your clock's tickin quarter to five
Make my way down to the door
Can't put my troubles on no shelf

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All Comes Down

Everybody thinks it's so easy
Everybody thinks it's so fine
But everytime I get a little closer to the top
I find myself at the end of the line
You take a slow ride up
And a fast one down

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Talk Is Cheap

You're wearing out
your welcome wagon
Scraped ya up to drag ya
Home on the range you got the flame
So now you suck some honeys
Comb your hair get out of bed
And wash your face, now look you're...

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Hard To Find The Words

Mama sometimes I feel inside
There's nothing I can say
Nothing I can do
Could ever match the love you gave
You taught me how to live
Told me walk before you run
And you were always there
To p...

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Blood From A Stone

Well I've been walkin
Down a one way dirty street
Tryin to find the answers
And I've been hopin
For a chance to meet
The rat that spread the cancer
And the lies they've been spinnin
And the s...

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Still Climbing

I see people walking down the street
Got their heads so high
They can't see their feet
With their blinders on
They walk the endless mile
Working for that perfect life of style
But I'm lookin f...

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You say I get around but
I'm gonna hit the ground
I don't hear a word you're sayin
Going out of my head and
the world's turnin red
Don't think I'll be stayin
You got your fancy pants now

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Through The Rain

I know it's hard
In a world gone mad
To find the truth
To Understand
And I know it's hard
To turn the page
To walk the line
To have the faith
But sometimes when it's light
And you can't see...

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