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We'll be singing
When we're winning
We'll be singing

I get knocked down
But I get up again
You're never going to
Keep me down

Pissing the night away
Pissing the night away

He drinks a...

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Drip, Drip, Drip

Eat, sleep and crap
For to prey on your needs
Down a dark street
In backwater leeds
I seen yer comin'
Come in, lads!
You seen the ad?
Too bad, bad, bad

What you get
Is what you see

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Creepy Crawling

What a wonderful world
What a wonderful world
A loose door-jamb, light left on
The oldest national lottery
Enter johnny-go-darkly
Come to spoil my party
Smell of feces lingers
Echo of light f...

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I Want More

Blue-rinse sugar
Wipe-clean couple
Pinched last supper
Counting pretty penny
John betjeman
Some dead liar
Quiet pink picture
Under heavy manners
This is tearoom england
They'll ki...

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Mary Mary

No virgin me
For I have sinned
I sold my soul
For sex and gin
Go call a priest
All meek and mild
And tell him, 'mary
Is no more a child.'

It's raining stones
It's raining bile
From the l...

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One by One

Pontius pilate came to our town
Up to the dockyards to see the
Picket line
We asked him to help but he just
Turned around
He's the leader of the union now

Leader of the union
All of our que...

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Goodbye to the summer
Sold down the river
Unhappy ever after
Well did you ever?
Did you ever reach for the
Glued-down penny?
Same old joke and it's not funny
Burns are red bruises blue

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The Big Issue

There are those
Spend the night
Under bridges
Over by the river
Down in the park
Through the winter

But there's a house
That I know
Safe and warm
And no-one ever goes there
Down where th...

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I'm not alone, you're not alone
You see me, you hear me
There are millions think just like me


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The Goodship Lifestyle

This is the goodship lifestyle
All my friends jumped ship
I elect me the captain
This is the loneliest voyage
I've ever been on
Up in the crow's nest -
Over there! I see land!
First mate? the...

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Aftershave and smoke
And the same unfunny jokes
They say they'll take you
But there'
Believe every half-whispered
Half-remembered lie
Where truth is a luxury
They can't afford to b...

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And every morning comes too soon
All your nights are sleepless
Poison arrows
To ruin your tomorrows

Below suspicion
Cafes full of people dressed as spies
And all I know
Is guilt for being d...

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Love Me

I'm an anarchist
I'm the anti-christ
Well sort of not really
It's not big not clever
And I'm quite a reansonable fella
Your friendly uncle good with kids good ol' paternalist pop
Good cop bad ...

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Georgina's cooking supper for her husband
All her friends are coming round to see the show
Because the thief she calls her husband wont't be hungry
When he see's what's on the end of his fork


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Give The Anarchy a Cigarette

For god´s sake, burn it down

Nothing ever burns down by itself
Every fire needs a little bit of help

Give the anarchist a cigarette
Cos that´s as close as he´s ...

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Enough is Enough

Open your eyes
Time to wake up
Enough is enough is enough is enough
Give the fascistman a gunshot

Trying an trying again to get this damn thing done
It can't done
Come kill the fscist with a...

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Tall as houses
Small as spiders
Undefined this buzz inside us

Tightrope walker
Chaos order
I fell right into heaven/hell
Devil take me
God forsake me
Made my home in heaven/hell

Out of ...

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Mouthful of Shit

I can't hear you 'cos your mouth's full of shit
Do something about it

Well I'm really back to basics right beside a bar
Choke the double trouble big one to the joker with card
Good call

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Never Do What You Are Told

This coat my royal gown
A stolen hand-me-down
No need to scrape and bow
We can be heroes now
For more than just one day
Here's how
Look both ways when crossing roads
Don't wear slippers till ...

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Up behind the bus-stop in the toilets off the street
There are traces of a killing on the floor beneath your feet
Mixed up with the piss and beer are bloodstains on the floor
From the boy who got...

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История в фотографиях (21)


В этой подборке мы увидим обувь римского легионера, островок старой Москвы, 1970 год. Пистолет-кастет, 1890-е....

Женщины, которые ушли от олигархов и политиков


Жены бизнесменов нередко принимают решение о разводе, устав от измен, публичности и других атрибутов жизни с состоятельным мужчиной. Подробнее о том, как выглядят и чем занимаются женщины, ушедшие от ...