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1, 2, 3, 4..
Hey (eh)
Hey (eh)

Verse 1:
Its you, and me
Movin at the speed of light into eternity (yeah)
Tonight, is the night
To join me in the middle of ectacy

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Who'd thought that this little dude right here
Chris Brown
Pissy boy from Tappahannock, Virginia

I ain't think this voice would get me this far.

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Run It!

(feat. Juelz Santana)

[Juelz Santana]
Check it, Check it, Check it out
It's Santana again
Steppin, Steppin, Steppin out
One of them Brand new big boy toys
I do big boy t...

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Yo (Excuse Me Miss)

Whoa Whoa
Do do do do do

[Verse 1:]
Tell me fellas have you seen her? (Seen her)
It was about five minutes ago
When i seen the hottest chick
That young'n
Never se...

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Young Love

Young love, love love.
A teenage love.
Young love.
A teenage love.
Young love, young love where would I be without my young love.
Young love.
A teenage love

Tell me what's the defini...

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Gimme That

Storch (oh)
S. Dot (Yea)

[Ad Lib:]
Ooh Ohh.

The dynamic duo.

wow wow wow wow.....its what your body sayin.

Chris Brown is in the building.


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Ya Man Ain't Me

[Chris Brown talking:]
Hey girl, whats up?
You've been going through it, huh?
Yeah, I know
And I know your man ain't been treating you right
but....your man ain't me

[Verse 1...

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It is an honor to introduce
The future of r and b
His name, is chris brown
And uh, you know what this is, (yeah)
Another beat

Round one i hear the ding,
I walk up in shake your ha...

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Ain't No Way (You Won't Love Me)

Ay, can I talk to you for a minute?
You new around here?

Girl ain't no way, I won't let you down.
If you let me I will show you how, (I like what I see).


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What's My Name

(feat. Noah)

Yeah, id like to introduce to you the future,
The young , the new R&B prince, Chris Brown
Spit flame, And me stick around ya boy Chris Brown

[Verse 1: Chris]

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Is This Love?

[Verse 1]
17 tight jeans and she bout it
White beater T, pretty teeth, yeah she got ‘em
Her body commands your attention (she keeps it so gutta man)
Can I take u out, I’ll pay for it
Girl ...

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[Verse 1]
Say what yo name is
Ooh yeah that fits you girl
Tell me where you headed
Can I walk with you girl?
You got that look in yo eyes,
That look like you give yo boy a here good ol' ...

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Just Fine

Heeyy, uh, ummmm,heey, oh girl, oh girl

We did everything we could do
To try to maake it work (we did, we did)
Baby, you look soo confused, cause it feels like, there was no waaay we could l...

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Say Goodbye

Baby come here and sit down, let's talk
I got a lot to say so I guess I'll start by
Saying that I love you,
But you know, this thing ain't been
No walk in the park for us
I swear it'll onl...

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Run It! (Remix)

(feat. Bow Wow, Jermaine Dupri)

Run ... Run
Run Run Run

[Jermaine Dupri]
Clap your hands (RUN)
Yall know what this is

[Bow Wow]
Now lil mama just break it dow...

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Thank You

[Chris Brown Talking]
Man yall don't know what yall do for me you see with out yall non of this would matter I mean non of it so i say thank you listen

[Verse 1]
Out the gate i got it starte...

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With You

I need you boo, (Ooh)
I gotta see you boo (Hey)
And the hearts all over the world tonight,
Said the hearts all over the world tonight [x2]

[Verse 1]
Hey! Little mama,
Ooh, you a stun...

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Shawty Get Loose

Lil Mama feat. Chris Brown, T-Pain - Shawty Get Loose

Hey [x3]

[Intro - Lil Mama]
The way we get loose we move our shoulders, forward, heads, back,
Get it in control like Janet jack,

18 песни

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Брижит Бардо, фотосессия на крыше, 1952 год. Борис Ельцин и Джордж Буш-старший на территории Белого дома, 1992 год. ...

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Свадебное фото Анджелины Джоли и Бреда Питта. Пилот WASP (Женская служба пилотов Военно-воздушных сил США) Shirley Slade, 1943 год. Арнольд Шварценеггер позирует на Mr. Olympia, Нью-Йорк, 1974 год....

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Милла Йовович лакомится морепродуктами, 1996 г. Том Caвини на съемках "От заката до рассвета", 1996 год. Шон Бин и Элизабет Херли на съёмках "Враг Шарпа". 1994 год....

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Шон Бин и Элизабет Херли на съёмках "Враг Шарпа". 1994 год. До сих пор работающий бассейн, Индия, V век. Иосиф Сталин с сыном Василием и дочерью Светланой. СССР, 1935 год. Алисса Милано в 16 лет....

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Группа «Kiss» с гейшами. Токио, 1978 год. Молодой Арнольд Шварценеггер упражняется в стрельбе из лука, 1984 г. Звонок по мобильному, Калифорния, 1979 год....