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(Had A Good Idea On) Monday

You say, that you've changed but you haven't budged an inch

You think you got better but your attitude stinks

You're still diving down my throat, not giving me a chance

To explain exactly w...

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Better Than Me

Having nothing better to do with my time I wandered across these emotions of mine

Finding features that stuck in my head, I'm trying not to think of you lying there dead

You've always been hap...

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Biscuit Barrel F.M.R

Wrap me up and seal me in cause I don't wanna see

The fallen rubble I'm standing in, it all breaks down to me

Have I dug the hole too deep?

I'm down too low, too low to sleep

I threw you...

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Can't Stop These Things

Hot coffee burns my mouth, I been staring in a dream

The money would be good, I think but not as good as clean

I would have more sense if I could sense what I could have

I'm learning things...

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Cloud 9

If there's anything I can do just tell me I'll be there

I need someone to help me, start breathing in clean air

Sick of feeling cloudy and not having any clues

If you want to tell me, if th...

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Fall Into Place

When I talk, you will talk, when you talk it will fall back into place, yeah

When I talk, you will talk, when you talk it will fall back into place, yeah

This is something that we've got to su...

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Find The Time

When are you gonna find the time to take a look around

To find the things that make you smile, the things that bring you down

You can tell by the way you're drinking that it's not just a passi...

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God Bets

Sprinkle patterns in your daydreams, the world seems so much brighter

You've only seen them once or twice but you wonder what's inside them

Your dream could come true, you know, just test the ...

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Last Chance

You know I can't believe, you're just going to stand and watch them bleed

Plummeting to the depths of your foolish bold concept

I've seen you before with good ideas but this one had its moment...

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Near my place through the forest and the wood chopped

You can see everything from a fenced-off hill top

From rolling hills through soaking gills

From the gravel path, to the chimney's wrath...

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Picture talking with your friends without a conversation

Picture walking with yourself without a complication

I know, I know, you're running from me, I know, I know

Taking all my time, taki...

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It never was that simple, the feelings in my head

To try to rearrange the things that I have done and said

It never was that easy, trying to contend

With the anger surging through my blood ...

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Tryin' hard to weigh up the situation

But without my mind's full cooperation

How can I have something to believe in

When I don't even listen to the mouth the words are leaving

Forever fa...

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Take It Back

I'm sorry, I can't answer that, I want more time to let it sink in

I wouldn't hold your breath in fact I want more time for me to think this over

You've been hurt before, you can have another ...

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Wuthering Heights

Out on the wiley, windy moors we'd roll and fall in green

You had a temper like my jealousy: too hot, too greedy

How could you leave me when I needed to possess you?

I hated you, I loved yo...

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60 Seconds

60 seconds what could happen now?

He could end up going down

60 seconds what could happen then?

He could end up changing again

He was dreaming softly in his bed

He woke to find a gun ...

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All I Wanna Be

There's a time when I wish there were no words for it

There's a moment when I think it's gone too far

When I couldn't get round to even think of it

I wish I hadn't taken this so far

But ...

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Another Toy

When I'm gone and you are broke, you will find another toy

When I'm broke and you have gone, you will find another toy

The wind was cutting in so well, I covered up my ears

The rain was goi...

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If you had a million people watching you, would you make the same old blunder?

Well I wonder, yes I wonder

If I could put the words in writing, would you ever come out fighting?

Well I wond...

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Don't try and make yourself hate him

He tried that one with you

He ended up just hating himself

And more in love with you

You'll have to learn from all his mistakes

The brain can lie ...

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Сегодня мы Вам покажем шины с подсветкой, разработанные Goodyear в 1961 году. Очередь из 30.000 человек в первый российский Макдональдс. Особняк в Амитивилле в котором живет приведение....

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В этой подборке мы увидим обувь римского легионера, островок старой Москвы, 1970 год. Пистолет-кастет, 1890-е....