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And If I Fall

I want to touch somebody

I want to touch somebody for real

I want to change the world

I want to touch somebody

I want to take away their bad things for sure

I want t...

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How High

How high oh! I can kiss the sun

Run a minute mile while you hitch hike

Love shines a light I'll be a winner cup

And I'm lookin' for the one who cut you up

You're not having...

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My Beautiful Friend

My Beautiful Friend

I will pay attention don't say this is the end

I find it hard to describe you

To point and discover you

Could I tell you once again

O my ...

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North Country Boy

Hey country boy

Hey country boy

What are you sad about

Everyday you make the sun come out

Even in the pouring rain

I'll come to see you

And I'll save you, I'l...

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One To Another

One to another

Sister and a brother

Changing the way that you feel

Please to meet you

Hope I never see you

I'll be at ease watchin' you sleep watchin' you smile

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Youre A Big Girl Now

All the people gather round

and see the sun set high

leaders and your disused milk

will quietly pass you by

what will it be

my melody will set you free

I kno...

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A Man Needs To Be Told

A man needs to be told there is a world going on

There is a world going on

There is a world going on

A man needs to be told to look into the night

He will get lost in the day

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Is It In You

Is it in you

In my hunk of burning love

Youre the real thing

Cant seem to get enough

Please come to set me free from these fools

Always, all day, all night


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Searching for the very souls whove already been sold

Go on your way accordingly my son

I will privately accept you and together we will fly away

To another land

In the cold, co...

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Tell Everyone

tell everyone,

don't put it on,

it makes no difference to me,

won't mess around,

been here too long.

it makes no difference when you smile,

cos i don't run fr...

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Sproston Green


This one knows she comes and goes

And when she goes she goes

This one knows she comes and goes

And when she goes she goes

Sproston Green she ...

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Illustrate and beautify

This one time painting is sinking so fast

What you need is someone like me

These weeks are too long

You're drifting too far out

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Polar Bear

World's no place to love in

She doesn't know what day it is

Freezing to death with no clothes on

Do you know what you are

It took me ages to find my way home

Give ...

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With No Shoes

Stone me

and may you always have no shoes

and I would rather just for you

be the devil make you mine

and she

I know you say you hardly sleep

I make you cold ...

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A boy with a stronger emotion, has nothing on me I've got this one

Going round round round this sensation I found in my soul

Love as it touches perfection, a balance of truth and correctio...

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Right On

We live inside a dream - a certain bliss

Tonight I saw a shooting star

Thought of this

You're playing out the past - You can't live without

Turning all your good ideas i...

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I wanna bomb your submarines

You don't do anything for me

You were sometimes hard to find

You were never safe to be with, then

You, you're nothing next to me

I'm a...

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White Shirt

When my white shirt lets me down

Like one we race against the wind

You said that I've seen better days

I wash her silver hair away


I'm going to be


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The Only One I Know


The only one I know

Has come to take me away

The only one I know

Is mine when she stitches me

The only one I see

Has found and ach...

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most of the time you are happy you're

a weirdo and before the introduction

ends there is someone feeling sorry

for themselves

look at your ugly shame what are you


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