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My Best Friend's Girl

You're always dancing down the street
With your suede blue eyes
And every new boy that you meet
He doesn't know the real surprise

Here she comes again
When she's dancing 'neath the starry s...

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Just What I Needed

I don't mind you coming here
And wasting all my time.
'Cause when you're standing, oh, so near
I kinda lose my mind.

It's not the perfume that you wear.
It's not the ribbons in your hair.

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Good Times Roll

Let the good times roll,
Let them knock you around
Let the good times roll,
Let them make you a clown

Let them leave you up in the air
Let them brush your rock and roll hair
Let the good t...

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You're All I've Got Tonight

I don't care if you hurt me some more
I don't care if you even the score
You can knock me and I don't care
You can mock me and I don't care
You can rock me just about anywhere
It's alright


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Bye Bye Love

I can't feel this way much longer
Expecting to survive
With all these hidden innuendoes
Just waiting to arrive

It's such a wavy midnight
When you slip into insane
Electric angel rock and r...

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Moving In Stereo

Life's the same I'm moving in stereo
Life's the same except for my shoes
Life's the same you're shakin' like tremolo
Life's the same it's all inside you

It's so easy to blow up your problems...

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Let's Go

She's driving away with the dim lights on
She's making a play and she can't go wrong
She never waits too long

She's winding them down on her clock machine
and she won't give up 'cause she's se...

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It's All I Can Do

One too many times
I fell over you
Once in a shadow
I finally grew

And once in a night
I dreamed you were there
I cancelled my flight
From going nowhere

It's all I can do
To ke...

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Touch And Go

All I need is what you've got
All I'll tell is what you're not
All you know is what you hear
I get this way when you come near

Then I know it's gone too far
Oh, oh, I touched your star
And i...

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Shake It Up

Uh well, dance all night play all day
Don't let nothin' get in the way
Dance all night keep the beat
Don't you worry 'bout two left feet
Shake it up
Shake it up, oo yeah
Shake it up
Shake i...

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Since You're Gone

Since You're Gone
since you're gone
the nights are gettin' strange
since you're gone
well, nothing's makin' any sense
since you're gone
I stumbled in the shade
since you're gone

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I'm Not The One

I'm not the one
That you'll be shooting for

I'm not the one
Who's coming back for more

You know why
We've been through this too many times
You know why
It's never clear it's pantomime

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Who's gonna tell you when
It's too late?
Who's gonna tell you things
Aren't so great?

You can't go on, thinkin'
Nothing's wrong.
Who's gonna drive you home

Who's gonna pick yo...

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You Might Think

You might think I'm crazy
To hang around with you
Maybe you think I'm lucky
To have something to do
But I think that you're wild
And inside me is some child

You might think I'm foolish

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Hello Again

Hello, again
Hello, again

You might've forgot, the journey ends
You tied your knots, and you made your friends
You left the scene, without a trace
One hand on the ground, one ...

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Summer, it turns me upside down
Summer, summer, summer
It's like a merry-go-round
I see you under the midnight
All shackles and bows
High shoes with the cleats a-clickin'
A tempermental glow...

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Why Can't I Have You

dreamy lips set in motion flashing
breathless hush pounding soft lasting
glossy mouth taste untamed moving
carousel up and down
just like you

oh baby
just one more time to touch you
just ...

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You Are The Girl

Why don't you dream anymore
What's in the way
How come you point to the door
And ask me to stay
Why don't you flash that smile
Like you used to do
Why don't you stay for awhile
It's up to you...

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Tonight She Comes

I know tonight she comes
she's taking a swipe at fun
she gives me a reason
setting my sights
well, I know tonight she comes

She jangles me up
she does it with ease
and sometimes it passes t...

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My Best Friend's Girl

You're always dancing down the street
With your suede blue eyes
And every new boy that you meet
He doesn't know the real surprise

Here she comes again
When she's dancing 'neath the starry s...

216 песни

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Жан-Поль Бельмондо и Паскаль Пети. Франция, 1960 г. Сбopка классических Porsche 911, Гepмания 1970–e. На Казанcкoм вокзалe. На пocадку cпeшит актёр и peжиcceр
Ваcилий Шукшин, 1970-e....

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Избушка из секвойи, Риджфилд, Вашингтон, США, 1938 год. Дмитрий Нагиев в открытой студии Радио «Модерн». Санкт-Петербург, 1997 год. Мeч викингов с золотой рукоятью, Дания, Х век....

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Cнуп Догг нa выпуcкном, 1980-e. Жак-Ив Кусто с внуком Фабианом, 1970 год. Монеты, выпушенные в Великобритании в честь ученого Стивена Хокинга (1942-2018) с изображением черной дыры....

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Кейт Мосс и Кристи Терлингтон, середина 90-х. Дональд Трамп и его жена Мелания Трамп, США, 2000-е. Противогазы с ручной накачкой воздуха, разработанные для пожилых людей и страдающих инфекцией грудной...