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Let's get it poppin', it's poppin', let's get it poppin' girl (x4)

Bitch you love me for my money, my new wallet is fat
Mazerati's models want me 'cause I rap like I'm black
Fo shizzle nizzle I g...

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Yellow Bus

Eenie meenie minnie moe
So much bitches at our shows
Different state a different hoe
Which of them should I take home?

Sex tonight, let's sex tonight x4

Come on girl, let me see you shake

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Fast cars, fast life,
Always shinin' when you livin' in the flash lights,
Take a couple shots, lets the beats play,
By tonight we should be spinnin' like the DJ,
Yeah we jumpin' in the club, getti...

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Teach Me How To Scream

Teach me how to scream
Teach me how to scream
Teach me how to scream
Teach me how to scream

They scream my name and i spit the flow
Big tits in the air at every show
I got two bad bitches from...

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You cheated girl.
But I don't care because I cheated too.
Baby you can still be my boo.
And we can fuck until the night is through.

Just move them hips. AND SHAKE THAT ASS!
Just move them hips....

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Oh yeah, the party won't stop until we go yeah!
This Hennasea has got me feeling so trashed
I'm feeling kind of out of control
Like I can't help it
(I can't help it)
(I can't help it)
Oh yeah, t...

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The Party Don't Stop

tonight we dance looking at the skies
so take a chance 'cause i don't wanna be alone
you baby 'cause tonight we're free
just you and me
and we can live in time this dream
we can be together for e...

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Whatcha Want

They got their heads turning
Everybody's watching
Twenty-three's glistening
Chromed out, flossin'

Mic on my chest
I don't need to wear a t-shirt
Hoes looking at me like they trying to do some ...

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Scene Girls

If your a scene girl, go back it up
Put your booty in the air and shake your butt

Ahh yeah your in need of attention
Now drop that *** like your in detention
Sit down girl just shut up and...

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I'm feeling frisky tonight, girl you can frisk me tonight
I'm feeling tipsy alright, let's get this party started
Hand me my drink and the pipe, girl what you thinking tonight
Let's drink some whis...

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...One Two, alright
like this...

ONE! TWO! We're coming for you. THREE! FOUR! Lock your door.
FIVE! SIX! Suck on my dick.



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Ocean View

Weekends last forever when your playing on my team,
Walkin' on the scene, lookin' hot to melt your icecream,
She call me young handsome,
Phantom on the wine list,
I think it's time, lets roll up o...

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No Game

You're so pretty.

And you aint got no game (x3)
And you aint got no game (x3)

And who you playing,
You aint guna pull her.
You think you're like me,

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My Gurl

Oh Yeah
This Is One To Dedicate
To Your Lady

You Can Be My Girlfriend
An' I Can Be Your Boyfriend
Together We Can Be Friends
We Can Kick In Every Weak Ass
And If You ...

52 песни

Monster Inside Me

Yo, Theres a monster inside me(inside me)
theres a monster inside me(inside me)
and theres a monster inside me
and everywhere i go theres fucking monsters beside me

Theres a monster inside me(in...

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Let's Dance

I tell ya once, I tell ya twice
Let the beat build up and drop it twice like
Now baby whatchu want
I tell you whatchu you need
To have some super fun
And take some shots on me
We're sippin on th...

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Trapped inside of his head
He can never look back at the word that she said
Cigarette breath caresses eight letters of death
And the stress is a task to the things that she left

And everyday it'...

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My butterfly, I’m happy when you’re with me.
You’re everything I see, and everything I need.
These broken wings, will guide our love through the sky.
And take us away from these nightmares…
And th...

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Kama Sutra

I wanna hit it from the back, hit it from the front, hit it from the side , anyway you want.
Whatcha want girl tell me whatcha want. Whatcha want girl tell me whatcha want.
I wanna hit it from the t...

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Now I can feel it I'm seconds away from everything
And anything that get's in my way I will break with energy
Disintegrating, these thoughts are fading so vagrantly
This rage in me will end thee ex...

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История в фотографиях (625)


Тренер Александр Гомельский и "Русский Халк Хоган " баскетболист Владимир Ткаченко, 1990-е. Любoвь Пoлищyк, 1989 год. Дочь Чарли Чаплина Джеральдина Чаплин на съемках Доктора Живаго, 1965 год....

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Эpнecт Xeмингуэй кopмит голyбeй на площaди Cвятого Mapка в Венеции, 1954 год. Шэннон Элизабет на съемках «Очень страшное кино», 2000 г. Джейми Ле Кёртис и Джон Траволта. Кира Найтли в журнале Arena, 2...

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Певица Шер на церемонии Оскар, 1986 г. Эрнё Рубик на презентации своей новой головоломки в детском магазине, Лондон, 1981 год. Джессика Альба для журнала Entertainment Weekly, 2014 год. Девушка - моде...

8 актеров фильма «Табор уходит в небо», которых уже нет в живых


История из жизни цыган вышла на экраны 5 апреля 1976-го. Проект Эмиля Лотяну оказался в лидерах проката, а актеры фильма «Табор уходит в небо» проснулись знаменитыми. К сожалению, не все звезды картин...

История в фотографиях (622)


Любовь Полищук позирует с электрогитарой. СССР, 1970-е. Группа Би-2 в молодости. Анджелина Джоли, 1992 год. Наталья Королева и Игорь Николаев в начале творческого пути, 90-е....

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Обнаженная Сати Казанова в журнале Moulin Rouge, 2006 г. Леди Гага в фотосессии Терри Ричардсона, 2011 г. Иcландский гигaнт Йоxанн Кpистинн Петурcсон, pocт котopoго составлял 2,34 м., 1950 гoд....