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World on Fire

Take a good hard look at yourself as the world that you live in you now destroy
Don't cry, just ask yourself why you never cared until you started to die
World on fire

Give me one good reason to ...

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Heads Kicked In

The cold winds of war, numb the nations soul
They taste the bitter fear as a grim future appears

Criminal leaders building hate
Under siege the world segregates
The day has come, the end is at h...

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Beaten Senseless

Beaten senseless in everyway
Life dissappears, get's blown away
New world chaos in disarray
A second to die and forever to pray

The time has come to push to fight, to die, to live
This time I t...

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Open Your Eyes

Open your eyes motherfucker

In this world of bullshit and lies
Jealously and hatred run rampant
Simple minded fould, cower in fear
To the slaughter the weak are branded
Eyes closed tight and ea...

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Never Forgive, Never Forget

I welcomed you with open arms
To share my pride and glory
You said you searched for a better life
At least that was your story
You caught me off guard with your deception
And now I'm just seeing ...

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Make My Stand

You want to break me down every fuckin day of your miserable life,
You try to take away everything, everything from me
Beaten down by society, torn apart by humanity
There's no way out of this mise...

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Hallowed Ground

I'm living on hallowed ground

Right before my eyes the darkened skies hide muffeled cries
Right before my eyes the hidden lies disguised as new york died
Right before my eyes propaganda flies


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What's inside my state of mind, can you deal with reality?
Who pays the price for hating, who decides our final fate?
Can you reall trust the government, can you really believe the truth?
Will y...

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Dead to Me

You hate me and I hate you back
But there's a difference between you and me
Ignorance and fear pervade your small mind

You forfeit your right to live in peace
I want you to know that I will neve...

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Kill or Be Killed

The taste of blood erases all the guilt
Tear down the walls and all that was built
As history repeats we kill without thought
Do onto others is what we're taught

I can't go on I'm losing my fait...

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Out of sight and out of mind, when you look at yourself do you find
Everything you want to be or do you see what I see.
Too late to change your life, step outside and say good-bye
To everything you...

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Someday I hope to rise above material chains which hold me down
To turn my anger into love and keep my feet planted on the ground.
To undo stigmas societies branded, misconceptions about being a man...

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Cycle of Abuse

Treated unfairly, you resent everybody that has so much
Of the things in life that were taken away from you.
So wrapped up in your misery, you never feel the love that surrounds you,
So wrapped up ...

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New World Disorder


Hey, yo fuck it. I'm rollin in a 4-barrel camaro, toward the triburough, eyes
Narrow east river flow with marrow, along side the bridge zombies
Pushing bodies in wheel barrels, bitches st...

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Abandon in Place

I will never forget what it is that you did to me,
And I will never understand why
You insist upon inflicting pain and agony on me, forever everlasting.

There's no way out, I'll never break free

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Dogs of War

Apocalypse fills my head, fire and smoke turns the sky blood red,
Thermonuclear warhead, chemical warfare, disease widespread.
People kneel to the might of a figure head, mother earth lies silent on...

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All for None

I said I'd stand with you forever if you needed me
Help, arm in arm, hand over fist and carry you where necessary
Like a fool I thought we'd walk tall forever all as one
When the going got tough yo...

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Camouflage you close your eyes, hiding in plain sight
Wrapped tightly in blankets of lies, live whatever life you synthesize
Disguise the truth about yourself, bury it six feet deep,
Bring to life ...

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Welcome to the rat race, people killing themselves
To get ahead of the pack, backstab and attack.
Out for self, the money, the power, the fame,
Competition and greed in a world without shame.
I st...

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Unjustified, persecution of my free mind.
I'm horrified, the cruel nature of you and your kind
Crucified for just trying to be myself.
Suicide, I'd rather die than live in your hell.

I will not ...

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Татьяна Самойлова и Пабло Пикассо во время Каннского кинофестиваля, 16 мая 1958 год и Девочки Playboy приветствует Хью Хефнера в Лондоне, 1970 год


Девочки Playboy приветствует Хью Хефнера во время того , как его частный самолет приземляется в Лондоне, 1970 год. Шэрон Тейт демонстрирует недавно купленную детскую одежду, 1969 г. Дeбютный показ Ту-...