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Someday, Some Morning, Sometime

Someday, some morning sometime, sometime
I'd like to hold your hand in mine,
Someday, some morning, sometime

I'd like to tell you you're pretty and fine,
Your face will smile and your eyes will ...

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Hot Rod Hotel

I'm a porter and a night clerk at the old hot rod hotel
I clean and scrub the lobby down and thirty one rooms as well
I wax and shine their boots and shoes, I brush down their crinkeldy clothes
I m...

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Black Wind Blowing

There's a black wind blowing in the cotton field, honey
There's a black wind blowing in the cotton field, baby
There's a black wind blowing in the cotton field
And o' how funny it makes me feel

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Blood of The Lamb

Are your garments all spotless?
Are they white as the snow?
Are you washed in the blood of the lamb?
Is your soul all spotless?
Is it clean as the snow?
Are you washed in the blood of the la...

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Feed of Man

If you
Beat up, butcher, and
You bleed a man:
If you bang up and badger and
Bloodlet a man;
And then I come along
On the feet of man
And half way laff and cry 'bout
The meat of man,
And I do ...

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I Was Born

I was born at half past 12, almost one in the morning;
I was born at half past one, almost two in the morning.
Now my birthday comes again and I don't know how old I am;
Half past one or two or thr...

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Joe Dimaggio Done It Again

Joe deemaggyoe done it again!
Joe deemaggyoe done it again!
Clackin' that bat, gone with the wind!
Joe deemaggyoe done it again!

Some folks thot big joe was done
Some jus figgered joe was gone

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Secret of The Sea

Who can guess the secret of the sea?
Who can guess the secret of the sea?
If you can guess the secret of my love for you
We can both know the secret of the sea

Tell me could you ever tell the ...

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Stetson Kennedy

I done spent my last three cents
Mailing my letter to the president
I didn't make a show, I didn't make a dent
So I'm swinging over to this independent gent
Stetson kennedy
Writing his name in


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Meanest Man

If the folks next door to me wasn't so good
I'd do all the mean things anybody could
I'd drink and I'd gamble and I'd louse around
I'd be the meanest man in this whole town

If I hadn't seen the ...

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Aginst Th' Law

It's aginst th' law to walk, it's aginst th' law to talk
It's aginst th' law to loaf, it's aginst th' law to work
It's aginst th' law to read, it's aginst th' law to write
It's aginst th' law to be...

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Airline to Heaven

There's an airline plane
Flies to heaven every day
Past them pearly gates
If you want to ride this train
Have your ticket in your hand
Before it is too late
If the world looks wrong
And your mo...

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Remember The Mountain Bed

Do you still sing of the mountain bed we made of limbs and leaves:
Do you still sigh there near the sky where the holly berry bleeds:
You laughed as I covered you over with leaves, face, breast, hip...

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The Man in The Iron Mask

When he drops you off, I will not say
Who was that who so quickly drove away...
The things you've done and the places you've been
When I open the door for you
I will not let them in...

As long ...

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To Have & to Have Not

Up in the morning and out to school
Mother says there'll be no work next year
Qualifications once the golden rule
Are now just pieces of paper

Just because you're better than me
Doesn't mean I'...

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Lovers Town Revisited

It's that summer of the evening
Get ready and roll the cassette
There's boys outside preaching genocide
And trying to think up some sort of threat
And the ladies in the cloakroom
Take no notice o...

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The Busy Girl Buys Beauty

The busy girl buys beauty
The pretty girl buys style
And the simple girl buys
What she's told to buy
And sees her world
Through the brightly lit eyes
Of the glossy romance of fashion
Where she ...

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New England

I was twenty one years when I wrote this song
I'm twenty two now, but I won't be for long
People ask when will you grow up to be a man
But all the girls I loved at school
Are already pushing prams...

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The Milkman of Human Kindness

If you're lonely, I will call -
If you're poorly, I will send poetry

I love you
I am the milkman of human kindness
I will leave an extra pint

If you're sleeping, I will wait
If your bed is w...

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Richard belongs to jayne
And jayne belongs to yesterday
How can I go on
When every alpha particle hides a neon nucleus

Neil belongs to love
And love belongs to no man
How can he go on
When no...

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Топ самых красивых мужчин 2020


Британский таблоид The SUN, используя принцип золотого сечения и маску Марквардта, составил рейтинг самых красивых мужчин мира....

7 самых знаменитых вегетарианцев


В России и мире набирают популярность вегетарианская и веганская формы питания. Приверженцы здорового образа жизни уверены, что и без мяса можно получать необходимые организму вещества. Такой точки зр...

Самые богатые российские знаменитости 2020 года


Звезды шоу-бизнеса нередко могут похвастаться высокими доходами. Но все же разница между бюджетами знаменитостей часто является весьма существенной. Журналисты ведущего делового журнала в мире Forbes ...

Самые сексуальные актрисы


Как бы ни была важна работа съёмочной группы и качество актёрской игры, есть то, что порой привлекает зрителей гораздо сильнее. И это, безусловно, самые сексуальные актрисы, за которых режиссёры готов...

"Девушки года" журнала Playboy. Далекие 1960-е


Как известно, знаменитый американский журнал Playboy выходит с 1953 года, но рубрика «Девушка месяца» появилась в нем не сразу. Примечательно, что выбранная персона появляется на развороте в стиле ню,...