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Each day I'll do (each day I'll do)

A golden deed (a golden deed)

By helping those (by helping those)

Who are in need (who are in need)

My life on earth (...

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I hear a voice callin'

It must be our Lord (it must be our Lord)

Its coming from heaven on high.

I hear a voice callin'

I've gained a reward (I've ...

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Bill Monroe - COTTON FIELDSWhen I was a little bitty baby

My mama would rock me in the cradle

In them ol' cotton fields back home

It was down in Louisiana

Just abou...

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Crying holy unto my Lord

Crying holy unto my Lord

Oh, if I could I surely would

Stand on the rock where Moses stood

Sinners run and hide...

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Blue Moon Of Kentucky

Blue Moon Of Kentucky

Blue moon of Kentucky keep on shining

Shine on the one that?????™s gone and left me blue

Blue moon of Kentucky keep on shining

Shine on the one tha...

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Ill Meet You In The Morning

I'll meet you in the morning by the bright riverside

When all sorrow has drifted away

I'll be standin' at the portals when the gates open wide

At the close of life's long weary day

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The Old Old House

There's an old old house that once was a mansion

On a hill overlookin' the own

Where time's left a wreck where once was a beauty

And soon the old house will tumble down

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Cry Cry Darling

Cry cry darling

That's what I'll do If you should leave me with the blues

Cry cry darling

That's all I do cause you're the one that's in my heart

For me there'll be n...

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A Fallen Star

A star fell from heaven right into my arms

A brighter star I know I've never seen

Then I found out that it was only you with all your charms

Who came into my life to fill a dream

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A Good Womans Love

I was a rover, on land and on sea

'til a good woman's love made a new man of me

Life had no meaning, it was so incomplete

'til a good woman's love put me back on my feet


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A Lonesome Road To Travel

I bid farewell to my home so dear

And started down life's road

I was a fortune seeking miner dear

Many things had been my goal

There's many things I've seen in life

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All The Good Times Are Past And Gone

I wish to the lord I'd never been born

Or died when I was young

I never would have seen your sparkling blue eyes

Or heard your lying tongue

All the good times are pas...

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Along About Daybreak

When we were young and we thought we loved each other

But you didn't love me I guess

For you've gone and you've found another

Everything to you is regret

This morning...

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Angels Rock Me To Sleep

My heart is sad my soul is weary

While sailing oe'r life's rugged plain

The clouds are dark the day is dreary

It seems

Angels rock me to sleep in the cradle of love<...

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Blue Night

Blue night I got you on my mind

Blue night I can't keep from crying

You met someone that was new

You quit someone that you knew was true

Blue night I got you on my mind


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Body And Soul

See that train coming round the bend,

Carrying the one that I love

Her beautiful body is still here on earth,

But her soul has been called up above

Body and Soul, Bod...

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Brand New Shoes

I'm breaking in a brand new pair of shoes

Don't look at me like you think I've got the blues

'Cause I'm walking 'round and around and I'm seeing most of the town

I'm just breaking in...

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Cabin Of Love

I'm only a dreamer of romance

My love dreams can never come true

I'll just pretend that I'm happy

And smile thru these tears dear at you

I dreamed of a cabin of love ...

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Cant You Hear Me Calling

The days are long the nights are lonely

Since you left me all alone

I worried so my little darling

I worried so since you've been gone

Sweetheart of mine can't you he...

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Carolina Sunshine Girl

Moon moon I can see you smilin' low

You made me think of a sweetheart

A little girl that I loved so

After I've wondered the whole night through

Wonderin' if you think of me

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История в фотографиях (214)


Ава Гарднер, 50-ые. “Россия пугает. Люди в автобусах выглядят так, словно их везут на электрический стул”. Мохаммед Али, 1978 год. Боб Марли, обвиняемый в хранении марихуаны, по пути в лондонский суд,...

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Жан-Поль Бельмондо и Паскаль Пети. Франция, 1960 г. Сбopка классических Porsche 911, Гepмания 1970–e. На Казанcкoм вокзалe. На пocадку cпeшит актёр и peжиcceр
Ваcилий Шукшин, 1970-e....

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Избушка из секвойи, Риджфилд, Вашингтон, США, 1938 год. Дмитрий Нагиев в открытой студии Радио «Модерн». Санкт-Петербург, 1997 год. Мeч викингов с золотой рукоятью, Дания, Х век....

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Cнуп Догг нa выпуcкном, 1980-e. Жак-Ив Кусто с внуком Фабианом, 1970 год. Монеты, выпушенные в Великобритании в честь ученого Стивена Хокинга (1942-2018) с изображением черной дыры....