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Walking in the night

A pulsating light

Floating above the road

Trying to run

Suddenly stunned

Everything becomes a dream

Waking up want to scream

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Astro Girl

She was a beauty queen with the future in her hand

Full of dreams and a ticket to wonderland

Young and innocent ready for action

Trying anything for some satisfaction

But s...

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Black Hole

Our latest tour was now fulfilled

A few got hurt but nobody got killed

Now we're heading home again

Everybody's happy - but then...

Enterprise didn't react correct<...

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Charlie X

We picked him up in the universe

From another starship around

He had crash landed on a planet out here

And fourteen years later he was found

From the very beginning...

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Cosmic Boy

All around in space you can hear

About a guy without any fear

Doing anything at all as long as it pays

Living in danger is what he prefers

Breaking laws and meet beautiful ...

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E Lectric

People often talk about how technical we are

But I can assure you that we haven't got so far

So let's change it, let's re-arrange it

Put the switch in the wall, nuclear power to u...

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Edge Of Forever

Time flies around at the speed of light

Doing its work both day and night

Every moment is a part of it all

Even when it's gone it's possible to recall

How do I know...

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People often talk about how technical we are

But I can assure you that we haven't got so far

So let's change it, let's re-arrange it

Put the switch in the wall, nuclear power to u...

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Home Planet

Out on mission

On a planet far away

Been her for a long time

But I don't want to stay

Searching for new life-forms

Never ever seen

Yesterday I saw one


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Last Man On Earth

The human race is dead

There's not a single head

Wherever I see

There's no one but me

The last nuclear war

A horror never seen before

Nobody could und...

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Lost In Space

Outside the window

A beautiful sight

Billions of stars

Shining so bright

Planets and entities

Black holes and galaxies

Asteroids flying by


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Mirror World

A normal routine the transporter machine

But this time it became a trap

Some cosmic distortion that we hadn't seen

And we were back in a zap

All the faces were still the sa...

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Neutral Zone

Another mission is now complete

Everything seems okay

Suddenly an emergency signal

Not so far away

Without hesitation we turn around

Full speed ahead to the ...

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Never Trust A Klingon

The Klingon bastards flies around

Always ready for some war

They don't care about any rules at all

As long as they can kill some more

Evil barbarians without discipline

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When you're tired of the galaxy,

Just plot the course for the place to be

Called Pleasure Station 9

Leave your troubles far behind

You'll find amusement of any kind


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Silicon Dream

I look into your eyes

They're such a big surprise

Made of hard-plastic cream

Deep as a space

Glowing in your face

In interlace

The touch of your hand


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Space Is The Place


I've been flying in space all of my life

seen many places and beautiful planets

I wouldn't change this at all

People are asking: Why don't you settle down?


46 песни

Space Race

The championship of flying in space

Is about to take place again

Competitors from any distant sun

Will join in the dangerous game called...


Space rac...

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Take Me To The Stars

A planet full of beings,

no one looks the same

Strange ways of acting and

no one thinks the same

Inimical, irascible,

emotional, illogical

Some thousand ye...

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Time Machine


I'm lost in a time machine

All alone with a black, blank screen

I'm lost in a time machine

I'm lost in a time machine

The computer doesn't understand what I ...

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История в фотографиях (208)


Кейт Мосс и Кристи Терлингтон, середина 90-х. Дональд Трамп и его жена Мелания Трамп, США, 2000-е. Противогазы с ручной накачкой воздуха, разработанные для пожилых людей и страдающих инфекцией грудной...

История в фотографиях (207)


Тату, начало 2000-х. Дeвушка - чукча. Магаданcкая oбласть, 1979 г. Пианино для прикованных к кровати. Великобритания, 1935 год. Марлен Дитрих, Фрэнк Синатра и Бетти Фернесс. 1955 г....

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Матрица "Перезагрузка", 2003 г. Элизабет Тейлор, 1951 г. Посетитель бара Sammy’s Bowery Follies спит за столиком, в то время как кошка пьет его пиво. Вашингтон, округ Колумбия, 1947 год...