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Life is much too short to sit and wonder
Who's gonna make the next move and will slowly pull you under when you've always got something
to prove?

I don't want to wait a lifetime
Yours or m...

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Heart Of Matters

I've heard all of your parting lines
Can only say goodbye so many times
Before you know you have nothing to show for your pain
Sorry is a word you just can't seem to find
Does it ever enter ...

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Put It On Me

She eats nectarines with honey and spends her daddy's money so easy
She cuts cherry pie while she looks you in the eye so easy
The innocent naivety of hairless cheek
The politics of generosity...

260 песни

Younger Than Today

You and I were looking at old pictures yesterday
Sitting in disbelief at how time slips away
Both at a loss for words to say, who knew we'd never be younger than today?

Foolishness protected...

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Say You Will

Baby, say it's all right if it takes all night
We won't have to be alone if you say you will
If you say you will, if you say you will

Like Marie Antoinette said to Louis XVI, "Man, I think w...

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Having Wings

I heard a street singer play a song I knew
It brought me closer to you
I heard a street singer play a song I call my own
It brought me to my childhood home

Did you go back from where you c...

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Needed You Tonight

My every breath is a prayer for you
You know I'm waiting there for you
I'd rather learn to live with you and suffer
Than to see you in the arms of another

But now my heart aches a little

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Fool For A Lonesome Train

It's late and I can't sleep
I've made promises that I can't keep
Cobblestones and broken bones, has a kingdom but he's got no home
Last night is still ringing in my head like that lonesome whi...

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In The Colors

When your whole world is shaken from all the risks we have taken
Dance with me, dance with me into the colors of the dusk

When you have awoken from all the dreams broken
Come and dance with ...

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Fight Outta You

They'll look you in the eyes and stone you
Then turn and disown you, don't you let them take the fight outta you
They'll walk all over your name 'til they find someone else to blame, don't let t...

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Serve Your Soul

Battles over which direction to kneel
People reaching out to touch
But forgetting to feel
Daily breath shouldn't be a daily penance
Is that what you believe
Or just a life sentence

I l...

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Morning Yearning

A finger' s touch upon my lips
It' s a morning yearning
Pull the courtains shut, try to keep it dark
But the sun is burning

The world awakens on the run
And will soon be yearning
With ...

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Waiting For You

I've been waiting for you
I've been waiting for you
Never found enything else to do
But waiting for you

I've been calling your name
I've been calling your name
Never found anything els...

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Picture In A Frame

Now you can sell your soul
But you can't buy it back
I've spent my whole life
Working to give you everything you like

Now I wish you were here
So we could walk and talk
In the soft rai...

260 песни

Never Leave Lonely Alone

Like an old man
Sitting alone at a lunch counter
Never leave lonely alone...
Like a small town girl
A big city devours
Never leave lonely alone...
Some of us laugh
Even in our darkest ...

260 песни

Reason To Mourn

I can' t know the hell you love
But i know you' ve had enough
Some baptize in water some in flames
In flames
In flames

Don' t you give me a reason to mourn
Don' t you give me a reason ...

260 песни

More Than Sorry

Hasn't been so good to me
Stepped out into the night
Back against the moon
I saw ten thousand hands with candlelight
We all think that we're right
It's hard to tell
If the nigh...

260 песни

Cryin' Won't Help You Now

You sit there and call me a liar and a cheat
I just wish you'd pin a rose on me
Now you won't even come out and take a bow

Crying won't help you now
Crying won't help you now

So now yo...

260 песни

Happy Everafter In Your Eyes

The morning sunrise spread her wings
While the moon hung in the sky
Held the sea in your hands
And happy everafter in your eyes

Couldn't leave you to go to heaven
I carry you in my smile...

260 песни

The Way You Found Me

The more i smoke, the more i drink
The more i talk, the less i think
The less i think, the more i feel
Folks don't change
They just reveal

My mind is broke, my last nerve is shot
What ...

260 песни

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История в фотографиях (627)


Майкл Джексон в нью-йоркской подземке, 1981 год. Чак Норрис проводит отбор девушек для нового фильма в клубе «Беверли Хиллз». Москва, 1996 год....

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Боб Mapли игpaeт в фyтбол в Лондоне, 1970-e. Клаудия Кардинале кормит котиков спагетти. Авиакатастрофа, в которой в погиб Юрий Гагарин. 27.03.1968....

История в фотографиях (625)


Тренер Александр Гомельский и "Русский Халк Хоган " баскетболист Владимир Ткаченко, 1990-е. Любoвь Пoлищyк, 1989 год. Дочь Чарли Чаплина Джеральдина Чаплин на съемках Доктора Живаго, 1965 год....

История в фотографиях (624)


Эpнecт Xeмингуэй кopмит голyбeй на площaди Cвятого Mapка в Венеции, 1954 год. Шэннон Элизабет на съемках «Очень страшное кино», 2000 г. Джейми Ле Кёртис и Джон Траволта. Кира Найтли в журнале Arena, 2...

История в фотографиях (623)


Певица Шер на церемонии Оскар, 1986 г. Эрнё Рубик на презентации своей новой головоломки в детском магазине, Лондон, 1981 год. Джессика Альба для журнала Entertainment Weekly, 2014 год. Девушка - моде...

8 актеров фильма «Табор уходит в небо», которых уже нет в живых


История из жизни цыган вышла на экраны 5 апреля 1976-го. Проект Эмиля Лотяну оказался в лидерах проката, а актеры фильма «Табор уходит в небо» проснулись знаменитыми. К сожалению, не все звезды картин...