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Se Acabo

Callate la boca y bajate los panties
My ten minute ride sastis y fumanti
Beatnuts y proyect uno, una loquera
Bajatelos chula, que lo que tu espera
Juju te lo pega, de todas las maneras
Despues ...

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Watch Out Now

Watch out now!

Yea, yea.. uh-uh!
Get money, get money!
(get, get money, get money)
(get, get money, get money) uh-uh!
(get) get money, get money (get that money)
(get) get money, ge...

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I Love It

(female voice sings throughout song)
I love it (ha, I know ya do)
I love it (I know ya do)
I love it

(psycho les)
You need to save all your bullshit threats and drama
For the news guy

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[willie stubz]
Can I hit that?
It's willie stubz and beatnuts, beatnuts and willie stubz
What up, real pimp niggas on the cut, what up
Uh huh, let's blaze it
Yo check it out yo
I hit the worl...

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No Equal

[ verse 1: ju-ju ]
Niggas got me steamin, bout to flip my lid
Fuck around, and I proceed to blow your back out, kid
(boom!) not to say I'm on a violent tip
But my hand stays on my gun, in case...

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Psycho Dwarf

I wanna fuck, drink beer, and smoke some shit!
Fuck, drink beer, and smoke some shit!
I wanna fuck, drink beer, and smoke some shit!
Fuck, drink beer, and smoke some shit!

Verse one: psycho ...

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Quality The Bushmen Off The Top

(check me out now)
From girlies now to havin niggaz on my dick
Cause I like to flip the script
Ya know, I come fat with the rhymes
And if you want a beat call me at nines
Call me at night and I...

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Reign of The Tec

It's the hard little pistol-packing punk dope smuggler
Lethal when I kill, I go straight for the jugular
Back again to hit ya with the junkyard funk
Shit gets out of hand, I got a tec in ...

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Engineer Talking Shit

Those fucking beatnuts (beatnut guys? shit)
You know.. jack, I've been telling you man
These guys they don't fuckin know shit about rappers
I don't understand (you know what I'm talkin about now ...

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Niggas Know

Niggas know (x3)

Psycho les:
To fiends my product be their drug
When they see me they give me a pound and a bear hug
Solute and bud, never sober
Nigga ju scooped me up (in what? ) in the blac...

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Off The Books

[big punisher]
Hey yo it's all love, but love's got a thin line
And pun's got a big nine, respect crime but not when it reflect mine
The shit I'm on is wrong but it lasts long
Pull a fast one, t...

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Stone Crazy

Now, let me ask you this... off the record.
Is it true what they say about how they... smoke a lot of, y'know...

Yeah, yeah
Everybody get up, beatnuts
World's famous, no doubt!
Straight out t...

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Supa Supreme

Meanwhile in the control room at the back of the theater...

These brats swam, I knew they would
Your plan is working master.
Of course!

(knocking) who is it?
Special delievery.
Who? who i...

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Do You Believe

Ayo , it's ill when I'm heated how my heart stay cold
Write a rhyme that make the gats around the world explode
Now behold the burning malice of a treacherous soul
First time I shot a gun duke ...

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Yeah, yeah yeah. open your mouth (aaaah). open it! wide.

Psycho les:
I'm coming running at you with an axe, chop you in the hip
Now you fuckin' hop don't don't ask me any questions (que...

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Find That

Psycho les:
Step in my pride again balloons you're swallowin'
Importin' it transportin' it
Through metal detectors no one's followin'
Coast is clear from the east coast to south america, medelli...

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Give Me The Ass

Ha, say who's scientific, 3 c-f mafia (that's my crew)

Yo, on the real homey, let me let you know about me
Cause ain't too many people who can talk about me
See frontin' ain't no...

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2-3 Break

[Psycho Les]

People call me the drunk, off the thick funk

Just to prove I'm ?luida? bag your whole start like ?meshuda?

Click back, put a hollow point cap in your temple


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40 oz

Psycho Les]

Coming straight out the forest, rapping shit like a Brontosaurus

I lost him, I don't know where the hell my dinosaur is

Must be the weed, babe, I forget

Down a ...

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Are You Ready


What we gonna do right here is......

Yeah, yeah, come on, come on

Yeah, yeah, come on, come on, come on

Check it out, check it out

Yo, yo, yo Who the fuck is ...

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История в фотографиях (21)


В этой подборке мы увидим обувь римского легионера, островок старой Москвы, 1970 год. Пистолет-кастет, 1890-е....

Женщины, которые ушли от олигархов и политиков


Жены бизнесменов нередко принимают решение о разводе, устав от измен, публичности и других атрибутов жизни с состоятельным мужчиной. Подробнее о том, как выглядят и чем занимаются женщины, ушедшие от ...