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Come Tomorrow

(Barry Gibb, Ashley Gibb & Stephen Gibb)


Are you ready for the day

That we've prayed for

Already holding what is real

You know the soul finds ...

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Stranger In A Strange Land

(Barry Gibb, Ashley Gibb & Stephen Gibb)

You may be someone else's sweetheart

Fighting someone else's war

And if you suffer for the millions

Then it's what you'...

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(Barry Gibb & Ashley Gibb)

I saw you looking in the mirror

I saw you fighting with your conscious

I think you need a little time away and I may give you mine


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Night Of My Life

(Barry Gibb & Ashley Gibb)


Sight and the sound,

Roller coaster,

That merry go round.

We can't wait for that show to start,

That ...

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Above The Law

(Barry Gibb, Barbra Streisand & Stephen Gibb)


This is me talking to you

Tell me what your heart can do ?

Take me by surprise, whatever you see


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Without Your Love

(Barry Gibb & Ashley Gibb)

I look around and I can't speak

I am in silence, and my world is hollow

Pretending to be living there

And maybe there was something b...

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All The Children

(Barry Gibb, Ashley Gibb & Stephen Gibb)

They tell us lies

They try to tell us who we are

But we have grown

And we remember in the future not to cry


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Golden Dawn

(Barry Gibb, Ashley Gibb & Stephen Gibb)

One golden dawn

One summer night

With nothing left to say

We left the dream begin

It was carried on the...

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Letting Go

(Barry Gibb & George Bitzer)

A child that hides behind a chair

Almost afraid to grow

Without you there

Whisper words that make you see

What you've come ...

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All I Know of Love

Translation from words in italian between [*]


Once I found a perfect love

And you showed me everything there was to know of love

Time will not betray the truth

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I Finally Found Someone



I finally found someone, who knocks me off my feet

I finally found the one who makes me feel complete

It started over coffee, we started out as friends

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Get Happy_happy Days Are Here Again


Forget your troubles


Happy days


Come on get happy


Are here again


You better ...

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Tell Him

I'm scared

So afraid to show I care

Will he think me weak

If I tremble when I speak


What if

There's another one he's thinking of

Maybe he's in lov...

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I Have a Love_one Hand, One Heart

Johnny mathis

I have a love and it's all that I have

Right or wrong, what else can I do?


I love him; I'm his,

And ev'rything he is

I am too......

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If You Ever Leave Me

When I fall you're my place to mend

I lose my touch, you're my hands

The one I hold on to

If you run out of reasons to try

I'll love enough for both you and i

I'll b...

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Till I Loved You

Nothing lived, nothing grew

Till I loved you

Every sky ever gray, never blue

You were my friend, good friend

And sometimes I would wonder

Could the one to save me

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Just One Lifetime

At last my heart is ready.

This time I can believe

That love has truly found me.

How sweetly love surrounds me.

You're like a glimpse of heaven,

A blessing I've rece...

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The Island

Make believe we've landed

On a desert island.

Bathe me in the waters,

Warm me in the moonlight,

Taste me with your kisses,

Find my secret places,

Touch me 'ti...

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Wait before we take another breath.

We've lived another moment of our lives.

And now it's fast becoming then.

Wait before you take your lips from mine.

How quickly ...

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We Must Be Loving Right

Some folks got nothin' but troubles

So little joy in their lives.

But wherever we go

Happiness follows.

We must be lovin' right.

It might be the way I adore you.

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