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Diesel And Power

Come on, little honey
Let me show you why
I've got this love for steaming wheels
Come on inside tonight
Let me drive you to the other side

My baby, she's blue
Like a new tattoo
And she's ...

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Be Myself And I

I'm a coward I'm a whore
I'm not a problem to ignore
Guess it all will change someday
I will fight to find a way
I'm a freak and I'm a cunt
I'm not proud of all my stunts
I'm more tired than...

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(Mike Monroe, Hanoi Rocks)
I know a man
back in Japan
Backyard Babies
is his favorite band

(Joey Ramone, Ramones)
I got a friend
His name is Ben
He's gone to hell
but they won't let h...

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Year By Year

All my dreams are haunting me
Nothing seems to be for real
Can people change this world around
Can people change my life to come
It's been too many nights of fear
It's been too many days not cl...

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Say When

She puts her voicemail in my head
With every girl I see a bed

- C'mon be retarded
- Don't wanna be bothered
When she spills out her problems for me
So here I am
Say when is when
Once agai...

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One Sound

One sound, one love!
Something you should think of
We press charge
you press find
Find out my piece of mind

I love this game
Don't need a headstart anymore
We shove, became,
the breako...

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Pigs For Swine

Sit back and put your
toys aside for a while
it ain't war if that's what you like
Somebody said I'm in for the fight
it ain't mine if that's alright

ain't trading pigs for swine x2
all the ...

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Minus Celsius

I searched the world
around for you
In every corner
I see two
Ovations ought to
be for me
What makes anybody
wanna be

I'm sure you're lookin'
Sure got your hooks in
It's freezing, I'm ...

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A Song For The Outcast

Roses are red
The seed has been spread
Three can keep a secret
if two of them's dead
Blood on their hands
Cut family bands
Not enough life without been
given the chance

Are we meant to...

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Earn The Crown

Everytime I hit the streets I'm fast
Like a canonball of gold
Every day I'm travelin' from the past
To fulfill a restless soul
I've been ridin' more than you've been drivin'
It's like a "must...

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Everybody Ready?!

Everybody ready?!
I'll be the first in line
The race is on no end is here
I can't be second best
The flags are waving in the air

Feel adrenaline it's burning
When you taste blood
It's ju...

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Electric Suzy

Baby, baby, I got something for you
Little Suzy come down
Broke my heart so I broke her face
Ain't no way around it
I can be your master

There's something in your eyes
I don't wanna se...

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Bite And Chew

My baby girl she's mean to me
She a wrapped up little lady
Baby,can't you see?

Can't live with?
Nothing at all

I bet you're proud of the things you've done
I bet you're p...

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Like A Child

Sometimes I could steal something real
Sometimes I could steal money
From my old man's wallet, when he didn't know whether he was givin' it away
Or maybe lost it somehow yesterday
When I g...

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Juicy Lucy

Now I wanna tell you a story about a girl I used to know
She was like a dream come true to me
She was oh so fine
Wanna tell you a story
It's not the one you think it is
And it's all about ...

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Strange Kind Of Attitude

I feel something running through my veins
And it feels like I'm going quite insane
And I can't find the cure anymore

'Cause she wouldn't love me
Too young and I was too drunk
And I always b...

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Something To Swallow

My baby keeps talkin' but dogs talk too much. baby
Well can't you shut your hole, and keep it that way for a while
A pretty face underneath me, you see
Well, I'm your poison now so drink my ...

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Should I Be Damned

She's down and dirty
She's everything a mother wouldn't like to see
Don't you ever come back home to me

Losing my pride, losing my faith
Losing everything that I used to have
Hell dance aroun...

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Days go by with cigarettes
And someone put a coin in a wishing well
Lookin' at you makes me weak inside
I can't stand seeing you with somebody else

Someday when I'm in love
Heaven can ...

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Heaven In Hell

I know I talk too much
Baby, won't you give it a try
You said to me what good will it be
'Cause I don't really care

And please, baby, don't you see
All the time in the world is for me

131 песни

Кристен Белл в фотосессии Rolling Stone & Nylon Mag и Гайя Кауки — мальтийская певица, победительница конкурсов песни «Детское Евровидение — 2013»


Кристен Белл в фотосессии Rolling Stone & Nylon Mag, 2000-ые. Михаил Ульянов, Анна Синякина и Станислав Говорухин на съёмках фильма "Ворошиловский стрелок", 1999 год. Уолт Дисней с Микки Маусом около ...

Крушение крупнейшего дирижабля Гинденбург и Занятие в школе подводных фотографов Брюса Мозерта


Роуз Лесли, 2010-ые. Крушение крупнейшего дирижабля Гинденбург, ознаменовавшая конец эпохи дирижаблестроения. Занятие в школе подводных фотографов Брюса Мозерта, 1954 год, Сильвер Спринг. Тpoе мужчин-...

Король поп-музыки Мaйкл Джексон в самом начале сольной карьеры и "Мисс Турция 2006" Мерве Буюксарач


Дайана Ригг, она же бабушка Оленна Тирелл в Игре Престолов, 1967 г. Брэд Питт в кинофильме «Интервью с вампиром», кадры 1994 года. Король поп-музыки Мaйкл Джексон в самом начале сольной карьеры. США,...

Тильда Суинтон в молодости и Кирстен Данст


Тильда Суинтон в молодости, 80-ые. Кирстен Данст, 2000-ые. Соблазнительные девушки–кролики Playboy, 1960 год. Джим Керри и Камерон Диас со своими дублерами Лизой Нанзьеллой и Дино Джорджио на съёмках ...

Шведская группа ABBA и Николь Кидман1995 год


Кейт Бекинсейл, 2010-ые. Шведская группа ABBA. 1974 г. Калифорнийские фермеры во время работы в саду на специальных ходулях, 1960 год. Петрова Александра - российская модель, победительница конкурса ...