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Tonight It's Goin' Down

Yeah (Tonight it's goin down)
You know we've been waiting much to long for this girl, it's time to get it on
Yeah, old school style (Tonight it's goin down)
Keep it grown, keep it sexy, come o...

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Grown & Sexy

He be playing you like you was a drive-thru
(Looking for that quick love to go)
I wonder when was the last time he held you
(I bet you don't even know)
He barely talks to you
Bet he don't ...

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Mad, Sexy, Cool

Baby, oh yeah
Baby, oh yeah

You don't ever bring no drama to the game
And my drama don't be scaring you away
You dont ever talk to much
Exactly just enough
You know how and when and wh...

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Can't Stop Now

Now I got you all alone
Nobody else is home
Don't you like it
When I kiss it a thousand times
All up and down your thighs all around it
Take off your clothes and come to me
I want to mak...

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Goin' Outta Business

You can take your precious cd
I will take my luther with me
You can take ....
I let you take my undergrads
You can keep that ghetto chain
Better leave that diamond ring
You might as well...

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Drama, Love & 'Lationships

It's not about who's right or who's wrong
It's not about who's weaker or who's strong
It's not about who's innocent or who's fault
It aint really bout that kinda thing at all
It's not about ...

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Sorry For The Stupid Things

Sometimes we wish for the better
When we have it good as it gets
Sometimes the grass isn't greener
Sometimes we find out we forget
Sometimes the fool doesn't know he's a fool
Sometimes a d...

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Good To Be In Love

It's a good day even thought we argued last monday
We made up again by late thursday
Making love with cool-aid
Its a good day even though I hate that you...
I didnt like the things that you ...

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The Loneliness

I'm sitting here thinking bout
How I'm gonna do without
You around in my life
And how am I gon' get by
Aint got no days, just lonely nights
If you want the truth, well girl I'm not alright...

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First time I saw her it was heaven
Prettiest thing I'd ever seen
I knew from that moment she was the only girl, I love her
That's when she gave her heart to me

She belongs to y...

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God Must Love You

God must love you
I said to myself
Cause you are more beautiful than anybody else
God must adore you
It's easy to tell
Must be wonderful to wake up to yourself

From the moment I first ...

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All Day Thinkin'

You get inside of me and I don't even

(Know how to act, girl)

You have synergy that gets in me that's

(That's better than sex)

When we get inimate it's got to be as

(As good as i...

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Every Time I Close My Eyes [*]

written by Babyface (1997)

performed by Babyface Featuring Kenny G

also performed by Kenny G Featuring Babyface

Girl, it's been a long, long time comin'

But I, I know that it's been wort...

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How Come, How Long

written by Babyface, Stevie Wonder (1997)

performed by Babyface Featuring Stevie Wonder

There was a girl I used to know

She was oh so beautiful

But she's not here anymore

She had a co...

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I Said I Love You

Spoken: I said I love you, baby

And I said I care

When I tell you that I love you, darling

you should understand that

It means I'm always gonna be there

I'll never leave you

I ain'...

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Seven Seas

Sitting by the window,

all day thinking of you

Watching the days go by,

I started to cry

But they weren't tears of sadness,

they only meant I love you

And I wanna tell you girl


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Simple Days

I was born on the north side of a

Midwestern town

There were nine of us living in a

Three bedroom house

Didn't have much money

But we made due

'Cause Momma worked all day long


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Talk to Me

What must I say to you

To get inside your head

Why must you always think

I want to get in your pants

And why I always gotta be

the closest thing to wrong

sometime the only thing a ...

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The Day (That You Gave Me A Son)

'Twas late December the news came

And I got so excited, I cried all day

And you were such a lovely, precious sight

When I saw our baby in your eyes

CHORUS: It was like falling deep in lo...

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This Is for the Lover in You [*]

written by Howard Hewett, Dana Meyers (1980)

performed by Babyface Featuring LL Cool J, Howard Hewett, Jody Watley & Jeffrey Daniels

Check it

Word is bond

I will love you any way baby an...

601 песни

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