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Day One: Vigil

[Best Friend] Did he open up his eyes?
Did he try to touch my hand
Or is my mind playing tricks on me...

Do you think he hears us cry?
Does he understand
We are here by his side

[Wife] W...

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Day Two: Isolation

[Me] I can't move, I can't feel my body
I don't remember anything
What place is did I get here?
I don't understand, what's happening...

Am I alone?

[Fear] You've been deserted,...

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Day Three: Pain

[Agony] I am pain
I am real. I'm not a dream
I'm the chain around your neck as you scream

Surrender now
You can't beat death at his ruthless game
Make your bow
Hang your head in shame


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Day Four: Mystery

[Best Friend] No, I can't seem to figure out what happened
On the brightest hour of day, no car in sight
No, I can't seem to accept these strange conditions
No matter what they say, it doesn't fe...

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Day Five: Voices

[Pride] I hear voices, they are talking about you
Can you hear them, do you know what they mean?
Try to remember, what have you been through?
What do you know and what have you seen?

I can re...

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Day Six: Childhood

[Agony] You're alone in your bedroom
Hiding from the world, staring at the ceiling

[Me] Mother said 'he'll be home soon'
But he never was, and I knew how she was feeling

[Fear] You always le...

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Day Seven: Hope

[Best Friend] Let me take you back
To the time when we were chasing all the girls
Two maniacs
Indulging in the pleasures of this world

So much to see, so much to live for
Questions to answer...

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Day Eight: School

[Fear] It's time to leave your sheltered cage
Face you deepest fears
The world is against you
You're fighting back the tears

[Me] All the kids were watching me
I felt very small
I could hea...

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Day Ten: Memories

[Best Friend] It's been 10 days
It shouldn't last this long
The doctors' mystified
Nothing's physical wrong...

[Wife] But maybe inside his head
He's struggling to survive
Would it help if w...

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Day Eleven: Love

Friday night, I had a few
There she was, out of the blue
Thunderstruck, nailed to the floor
I couldn't move, couldn't talk...anymore

Of all these guys it's you she desires

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Day Twelve: Trauma

Think hard, you are lying here in a hospital bed
Disregard the emotions inside your head
Concentrate on the real world beyond your mind
It's not to late to leave your burdens behind


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Day Thirteen: Sign

[Love] Faith has come to warn
That you far to long forsaken her heart

Move to the truth
Breath the sunlight burning in her open arms

Break the chains that
Bind you to a past that feeds th...

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Day Fourteen: Pride

[Me] I have always been creative, I don't understand
Aspired to be an artist, not a business man
[Pride] You need to show your old man you're in control
To be successful, you'd sell you own soul!...

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Day Fifteen: Betrayal

[Fear] This is what you dreamt about
Director of the firm
Will it be you, or your best friend?
He's always been the better man and
He fits all their terms
What will you do to gain your end...

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Day Sixteen: Loser

[Father] Look at you, lying there, defenceless and alone
See I am no fool, I always knew you wouldn't make it on your own

Cos you're just like your mother, well, where is she now?
You'll end u...

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Day Seventeen: Accident?

[Reason] You're driving home, It's one PM
You cannot function, you're a broken man
Your past is catching up with you
Only her tenderness can help you through

you see her smile, at another man...

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Day Eighteen: Realization

[Reason] Now you know the truth, what will you do?
[Me] I still can't believe it's true...
[Passion] You better believe it, and make them pay!
[Me] There has to be another way...

[Pride] You ...

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Day Nineteen: Disclosure

[Best Friend] My good friend, I hope you hear my voice
I must alleviate this ache
I thought about this and found I have no choice
I have to tell you this for conscience sake

I felt alone, for...

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Day Twenty: Confrontation

[Best Friend] See his mouth, he tries to speak
He cannot move, his voice is weak...
[Me] My dear friend can you hear me now?
I'll try to tell you how I feel
[Best Friend] I feel the pain inside ...

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The Dream Sequencer

"Dream sequencer system online"

Good morning colonist. You have selected the Universal Migrator program. Please
lie down in the energy tank and place the electrodes on your temples. Think of

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Сегодня мы Вам покажем шины с подсветкой, разработанные Goodyear в 1961 году. Очередь из 30.000 человек в первый российский Макдональдс. Особняк в Амитивилле в котором живет приведение....

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