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Hail the Apocalypse

There's a storm heading our way
All that's been will be gone
All your cities will sink into the ocean
You run away like cattle
But you cannot flee the battle
Wipe your ass.
It's time to put on y...

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Going hunting

In the stillness of dim-lit insomnia
He discovers his own body
Whispers names in the pillowcase
It's almost like he had somebody
It's ok, I didn't want to go out tonight anyway
I stay right here

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So sang the hollow

The ship left port empty, and empty it remained
So sang the hollow
Like a piece for conversation it would drift upon the waves
So sang the hollow

If you want, I ask them to turn off the lights

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Silence in the age of apes

Cyborg entrails
We build Valhalla out of its dreams
Silicone, copper, and steel

Star-clad circuits
Within these digits we cease to be
The temple is ready, now kneel

We accelerate
We acceler...

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In the image of man
We breed our demons
On the wide wings of science
Our abomination of a child flies

Ask me for your name, my friend
Tell me what I feel like to you
Is it coming to an end?

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A secret door

I'm blown away
Like a layer of dust on the floor of the hall where we first met
Trust was the first thing we lost that day
You asked where to stay
You would do what you must
And the drawings woul...

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God of sick dreams

Just save the child
Leave me to die

No escape and no-one cares
Purple lightning, spheric shapes
Body fears what mind creates
I swim across
I won't wake if you don't sleep
Fingers search for t...

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There was a funeral last week,
A procession down the street
People acted like the circus came to town
The choir sang so loud when the casket hit the ground
That the tiny bell that rang
Was all bu...

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Warden, let me in
I tried to be the mad man in the scene
as written for me
Boot marks on my chin
I did my best to fail at this life
as life became misery

Cage me, make me sip
Your sacraments

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The propulsion is broken
We implode
No one cares
Abandon all hope
Just don't abandon me

A sickness I used to know
Sickness inside the heart
One million miles ago
And one million years apart

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The king welcomes you to Avatar Country

A stranger rode in to town
He rambled something 'bout a crown
He said, 'Please pour me a drink
I need a second to think
It's just this thing that I feel
There ain't no chance that it's real

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A statue of the king

On this glorious day we're all citizens
By all your warrior's names we swear diligence
Lay the first stone we lay at your feet
All the world trembles, begs and flees

Everybody wants one

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House of eternal hunt

I'm reborn
Ruthless and just I soar
The sky is my throne
The gates
To the predator realm
Sworn to the moon
And the storm
Silent shadow
High upon the throne

Don't care if you're read...

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The eagle has landed

Cut through the clouds
With the speed of a demon
I am as I was as I will be
Lord of this world can you hear me I'm screaming
God above all things beneath me

Oh wahahaha
What a sensation
What ...

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New land

A new world awaits
I'm flying without an escape plan
Break through the gate
Take off, take me on
Break through the sky I will save you

I woke up too late
Danger ahead and behind us
Become and...

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Tooth, beak & claw

This little beast went out in the world
Found out he had brothers, was finally heard
And this little beast was nature's own error
Grew like a tree, born to spread terror
This little beast went out...

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Use your tongue

No sleep for you
Time to wake up
Time to wake up
Time to wake up

Good morning
Good morning
Good morning
Good morning
Rise and shine
Rise and shine
Rise and shine
Rise and shine


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What I don't know

I don't know
What I don't know
I don't know
What I don't know
I don't know
What I don't know

There's hellfire in the chalice
Let your lips touch ground and drink
Sister dearest
Sick of love...

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Death of sound

Welcome to the wasteland
The universe between
Dive into the darkness and see the end and oblivion

Sinking to the bottom
Lost in a giants dream
Breath the smoke of bodies set free

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Vultures fly

All orders to surrender are false
All orders to surrender are false

Eyes on the target
Back to the wall
Your body's shaking
The mountain's too tall
You wanna lie down and rest on Elysian field...

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Анушка Шарма — индийская актриса и фотомодель, 2010-ые и Том Круз и Николь Кидман, 1990-е


Анушка Шарма — индийская актриса и фотомодель, 2010-ые. Маленькая девочка возвращается с прогулки со своим домашним аллигатором. Калифорния, 1960 год. Строительство Атомиума в Брюсселе к Всемирной выс...

Одри Хепберн в фильме "Засекреченные люди", 1952 год и Самый первый выпуск "Последний герой", 17 ноября 2001 года.


Сухаши Горадиа Дхами Джайшил — индийская модель и киноактриса, снимающаяся в индийских телесериалах, 2013 г. 29-летняя Мэрил Стрип на репетиции театральной постановки «Укрощение строптивой», 1978 г. С...

Джина Дэвис на Золотом глобусе 1992 года и Порнозвезда Чиччолина на заседании Парламента Италии. 1990-е годы


Порнозвезда Чиччолина на заседании Парламента Италии. 1990-е годы. Джина Дэвис на Золотом глобусе 1992 года. Владимир Ульянов в возрасте 4 лет со своей сестрой Ольгой. Симбирск, 1874 год....

Патрик Суэйзи со своим четвероногим другом, 1980-e и Джаред Лето и Роберт Дауни Младший, 1998 год


Дерзкая Наталья Ионова, 2009 г. Немецкая актриса Настасья Кински, 1982 год. Маколей и Киран Калкины, 1991 год. Патрик Суэйзи со своим четвероногим другом, 1980-e. Мэй Macк - мать Илона Мacка, 1969 год...