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How I'd love to experience a heartquake
But oh so afraid it will end up with a heartache

These untimely little deaths
Would leave me out of breath
Life would flash before my eyes

You migh...

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If my senses won't come to me
I better come to my senses
But I can't
I'm too scared of being scared

Like saving cancer-mice from labs
Or half-eaten flies from cobwebs
No sense of reality

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Secondhand Traumas

Got me some secondhand traumas
They transformed mind into flesh
And lead to the untimely death of the child inside

Fall asunder... now!
And bleed like me, see it's easy
Don't want to be the ...

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My tentacles ache
This phantom pain is oh so confusing
I'm extraneous matter to the world
And so estranged

Look at me any way you want
My components are human and human and human and human

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This Vigil

We've been blind pretending we can see
Been as dazed as dazed can be
We'd turn up to the light to see what the darkness looks like

Let's share this vigil

I would sing you a lullaby
If I w...

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Burning Bridges

If you can't cope with the answers don't bother to ask
If you can't cope with the sights don't bother to look

Once you've seen it you can't make it unseen
Once you've heard it you can't make i...

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Flesh City

Here where the dead mourn for the living

We eat cannibals before they attack
We eat cannibals and ask afterwards

We can't control our headless horses
As the mongrels snap at their feet


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Methods Of Survival

At times I'm so preoccupied running
I forget paying attention to where I'm going
At times I'm so busy reaching ecstacy
I forget paying attention to all other needs

We've all got our methods o...

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Borrow my imagination for a little while. How can I comfort you? You say you
like it this way.
Night or day – it's the same to you.
Until that day I plant mercury globe flowers in my garden and ...

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Out chasing kites and dragonets, loosing the track, jerking out of scrubs.
Getting clasped by the creepers of a tumbledown stone wall.
Shattered gargoyles on the ground. Their eyes staring up on t...

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You know you should lay your ghosts, but you've become used to them.
You make your bed at eve, stretch ghosts over the mattress, let the insane bed tuck up
your dunes, hide your dreams under the p...

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Mare's Nest

At last I've found you. You're here, you're mine, you're a machine.
Hear my tales, decipher my dreams, tell me things.
So happy. What can I use you for – ogling, nestling, coddling? Keep up the sp...

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Nine Wishes

Deep down in a smiling bucket swimming clouds.
If it was up to me this house would be almost seven hundred years old
and more than thirteen kilometres tall.
I would sit in a rocking chair, creaki...

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Human Inventions

So you took him moonward from the cellar. Put him in the black garret.
The window's spotlight chasing him into the dusty sheets tossing.
Did he wince at the stuffed woodwose lined up with the mani...

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Mental Nomads

I am the constant comings and goings of myselves.
Some of them settling within, some going on. Others so journing indefinitely,
turning in, turning out.
New attendants join – cynicism, misanthrop...

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Do not leave. Leave me weak. Do not leave me alone with this loony they say is me.
A mooncalf – I am in panic, I am manic. A changeling. Pitioned, crippled. I am, believe.
I can't come to terms wi...

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The Bedlam Of The Bedlam

A young man astride a rocking horse. His petticoats bristling. His eyes closed
with pleasure enjoying ther euphony of his fork scraping his plate.
Facing him sits a filthy oldie shaking his dentur...

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Look Further

In the shade, in the cold, a grey pastry, a sallow dough.
A giant lump of some o/&%/ substance.
Wallowing in an over-sized glass jar. Quivering, gurgling. Reminding of muddy
aspic. It looks so "/...

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My whispering poems
My treasures
My arch images
My treasures
They honour me
Dead, creaking trees
They praise me
Mute, mossy rocks
They worship me
Empty shells
Why exalt a man murdered by h...

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Now is the third season
The season I don't long
Cause it is here
And you are gone

You were the Incubus
Who raped my sleeping mind

Awake – pain was the master
I crawled in a chasm


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За кадром: что известно о личной жизни актеров сериала «Троцкий»


В начале ноября 2023-го на Первом канале повторили телесериал «Троцкий». Кинолента рассказала о событиях, которые происходили с государственным деятелем в начале и середине прошлого столетия. В сюжетн...

Александр Абдулов в роли Менахема–Мендла и Милла Йовович. Нью-Йорк, 1990-е


Милла Йовович. Нью-Йорк, 1990-е. Александр Абдулов в роли Менахема–Мендла, Татьяна Пельтцер в образе его мамаши в спектакле театра Ленкома "Поминальная молитва". 1989. Поимка сбежавшей белой медведиц...

15-летняя Лив Тайлер с мамой Бебе Бьюэлл на фото Дэвида МакГоу и Потрясная Энн Хэтэуэй в фильме "Темный рыцарь. Возрождение легенды", 2012 г.


15-летняя Лив Тайлер с мамой Бебе Бьюэлл на фото Дэвида МакГоу в 1993 году. Конкурс "Королева табака", Северная Каролина, 1950–е. Потрясная Энн Хэтэуэй в фильме "Темный рыцарь. Возрождение легенды", 2...