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How Long Can You Pretend?

You are levatating on your dreams this fashion suit you
because you do not feel real a longing,
a yearning to stand in the lights
I turn on the camera and you give me your life.
And you're willi...

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A New World

Cold earth or hot sands,
everywhere you turn is absence of green.
(your skin can no longer save you from the burning sun,
light has become you deadliest enemy).

Welcome to the new world, it's...

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Profit From The Weak

I stand here working, chained to the ground to make my bed and hope to survive.
My body hurts and my stomach turns and thats the way
I feel about you too.
Bigger pockets needs...

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Dreams Worthy Gods

Take your time when you move ahead,
systems corrupts you, the bringer of death.
You believe that other souls are fake,
it makes you realise that you cannot be the one you pretend to be!


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King Of Yesterday, Slave Of Today

Distorted colors in a painfull light,
etched to my vision as a spear through my eyes.
I have no memory of what I have done,
this was the last time, this was the final one!

Running dry, feelin...

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Of Life And Death

This an exploration of the human mind,
a test performed on the missbehaved.
We give you injections and you collect a reward,
where are we going? I guess no one knows.
This is an experiment on the...

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Expendable Heroes

Listen citizens we are on the verge of war,
I will never let my empire fall.
Gather your swords and shields,
as long as I live my empire stands!
Protect the elite, protect the money.
Protect th...

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Inject The Machine

You know what's coming to you, you will never grow old.
Even in freezing temperature you will never feel cold.
Time is just a word, it has lost it's effect.

Cybernetic replacements is an upcom...

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Standing in the pale city lights with an empty street infront of me.
I'm asking myself if I could have done it better,
but I do not have the answer!
Do you think that you can change it for the be...

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Broken Trust

You broke my trust, I wont be able to trust again.
Your not my friend no more, it was all a lie.
You killed her, it does not matter if I pulled the trigger.
You betrayed me with your lust, you to...

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Tribute To The Flesh

Feel the liquid stains on your skin, feel your body decompose.
Strip your skin to the bone, inside's black as tar.
Cavities rot with ulcers, brain turns to pus.
Tearing and writhing, you can't es...

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Strangled Love

Fake comfort, the devastating kiss of death,
fake love, bitten by the deadliest snake.
Broken hope, you played me like a marionette, crushed dreams,
I've been sleeping with a queen from hell.

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Stains Of Blood

In your hands there's a newpolished "45,
it boosts your ego and the trigger makes you king,
innocence can't cut the troaths of your victims,
in your head there's a plague released by your, evil "...

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Another World To Consume

We have gathered specimen for ages,
the genetic structure of earth, our work is nearly complete,
we have the maps and where to begin.
We have technology far more sophisticated than you can ever i...

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Kings Of A Cloned Generation

-Dad, I want you to make me one.
I'm feeling restless and bored.

-Sure son, I'll give you a private whore,
but don't come asking for more.

Designed perfection to suit all demands,
bred by m...

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You accomplished nothing and now it's to late,
you chose wich game to play and now it's game over.

Your mind is divided and you have lost your shell,
you soul is corroding and the torch is rea...

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Way Above Life

Electronical a future failure, biomechanical life for hire.
In our minds there's something missing now,
though our bodies look exactly the same,
in our veins runs no blood no more.
Hydrolic pump...

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Nuclear Ray Infected

This was once a beautiful place, but now it's dead, we killed it long ago.
With dusted eyes and dry mouths we are trying to survive.
We're exposed to the nuclear sun,
can't breathe in the sour ai...

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Stick To The Line

Breathing fire, our hollow eyes are blind.
These poisoned wells are keeping our throaths dry.
We seek freedom while we hang in chains, can't think clearly.
We've got splinters in our minds.


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Master Of Gravity

Late hours, in the bleak flourocent light, a glimpse of the future.
Icarus succeds, the laboratory's cleansing, quiet calm.
Reality seems far away and drifting further.

I lie to hide from my p...

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История в фотографиях (311)


Перед концертом группы «The Prodigy» в Москве, 14 декабря 1995 года. Oлeг Гaзмaнoв с сыном Родионом, 1989 г. Прекрасная Дженнифер Энистон, 2000-ые. Фидель Кастро с медвежонком, подаренным ему во время...

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16-летняя Ким Кардашьян и Кендалл Дженнер которой исполнился один год, 1996 год. Александр Усик в 14 лет. Эфелевая башня, 1880-е....

История в фотографиях (309)


Немецкая коммунистка Клара Цеткин. Ее выступление на форуме в Копенгагене в начале ХХ века положило начало истории 8 марта. С кайфом по жизни в Brütsсh Mopеtta 1958. Кармела Каролина Фернанда Рус...

История в фотографиях (308)


Джордж Клуни и Квентин Тарантино на съёмках фильма «От заката до рассвета», 1995 год. Храм Кайласа был чудесным образом вырезан из единой скалы. Рудольф Гесс в камере, во время Нюрнбергского процесса....

История в фотографиях (307)


Джессика Лэнг съёмках фильма Кинг-конг", 1976 год. Встреча президента США Ричарда Никсона и Элвиса Пресли в Белом Доме, 21 декабря 1970 года. Диего Марадона, 1980-е....