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Dawn Of The Gods

When the sky has turned to grey

like a neverending decay

frozen tears in your eyes

dawn of the gods

thandle with care they said

this will be our last arise

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Nemesis Of Neglect

There floats a phantom on

the slums foul air

shaping to the eyes

which have the gift of seeing

Nemesis of neglect

nemesis of neglect

Into the spect...

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Gaias Masterpiece

So far away

there is a place

untouched from human hand

saved from all bitterness

I had a vision

I saw the light

I felt the ease

I saw Gaias Master...

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Why do you play with fire

and run towards disaster

your head is filled with drugs

rid of all realizations

It slows time to a dimension

you're flying through you...

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When The Love Is Gone

My love is lost

she is gone forever

now I'm alone

for the rest of my life

My sweet love,

I love you,

until the end will fall

you're the only one, ...

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This hate goes back

to the roots of mankind

but no one knows

why it stays alive

This anger inside

sick people's minds

so many victims

are already ...

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A Taste Of Fear

Moonlight burns your skin

when you try to sleep

your sleeping dreams

awake as nightmares

You fly across the sky

on bloody wings of love

trying not to fall...

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Embedded In Illusions

My sleep is unreal

my dream is my life

embedded in illusions

searching for the answer...

to understand my life

What I see

is weaved from my heart


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Dark Clouds Rising

After the sunset, cold winds blowing

Dark clouds are rising over raging seas

Deceptive silence - one of the signs

Desperation and the embrace of fear

An approaching flood

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Bloodred Sunrise

Can't you see the world's last sunrise

Can't you see the tears in my eyes

Can't you see the bloodred sunrise

Can't you see the tears in my eyes

If life is a dream be afraid to ...

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My Desire

What I see, is it real

Or just a stroke of my mind

And no one sees what I feel

She could be my fate once more

The bright light in her eyes

Could guide me through the dark...

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Broken Down

Broken down

Love remembered

Clouds of angel dust

Sadness covers my mind

I still think of what you've said

Listening to my inner voice

Maybe too late to regret

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Love And Seduction

I feel this longing so strange and so bizarre

Until I will find you I'll keep it in the dark

A blaze bizarre burns in my heart

Brighter than the flame of fear

It feeds my wish ...

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Sands Of Time

Senseless life

I'm born into a world so cold

I cannot understand

Why the fate has chosen me

I'm born as a living dead

Useless youth

I dream about a world beyond

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This Falling Veil

I saw angels - fallen from the sky

I saw immortals - afraid to die

Time is just a moment in eternity

But every dawn seems like the last one

With silent cries my life is passing...

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Some dreams never come true

Some days change the point of view

God's hands divided

What love once united

One of them is gone away

And one of them is left in pain


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It's so far away

Where no humans are

It's so high in the sky

Where the silence reigns

Come and take my hand

And close your eyes for another dream

This is a place wh...

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Tower Of Babylon

Once before, we built a spire

Climbed and climbed, ever higher

King Gods brought us down

Left our envy on the ground

Mentallity, confuse me

Take away my name

Show u...

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The Flood

Some dreams never come true

Some days change the point of view

God's hands divided

What love once united

One of them is gone away

And one of them is left in pain


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Here, Nearby

As i find myself standing here alone

On this grave of illusions i once called home

Like a potential, sarcastical dream of today

Left to become nothing but hate

I'm all dowsed t...

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