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After Dark

I'm feeling so good, I thank my Creator

For the feelings I've had kind of late

I'm knocking on wood that they will last eternally

There's a lad out there in the crowd

He's so young and h...

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She walks down the line, no sense of time


she talks of the years, blinded by tears

her magesty...

fantasy, the mirror that's confused her


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All Night for You


Poor paper pilot try to get ahead of time

pin you down, speed it up just obey the signs

in the middle of the night

do the cryptic voices ever sleep?

had a m...

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Back Street Pick Up


She gives me love for only half the night

she smiles at me and then says goodbye

then she's gone -- baby don't go

she makes want it but she won't be mine

she takes my bo...

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Bedroom After Bedroom

(Spencer-R. Brewster-Neeson-Manning-Morley)

Welcome back, good to see you again

heart attack, honey where you been

You went away, y' never told me where

baby what can I say, never though...

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Beyond Salvation

(Brewster-Amanda Brewster-Eccles)

Been held down, can't hold back

got this town on its back

Get no sleep tonight, midnight runaway

twist my arm till my backbone breaks

and the bedroom...

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(R. Brewster-Spencer-Neeson-Eccles)

Y' can teach me, y' can reach me

y' can beat me, y' can cheat me

y' can bless me, y' can test me

y' can take me through your hall of shame

You might ...

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Bleeding With the Times

(R. Brewster-Miller)

I'm watching you

from my window

my private video

I'm taking you with me

I'm gonna reach you

I'm gonna teach you

how to be good to me

Stop being a bitch

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Breakdown 1985

(R. Brewster-Miller)

I spend my life

scratching in the dirt

trying to find someone to clean me up

and give back what I deserve

there's footsteps from behind

there's knocking on my ...

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Cant Get Lucky

(R. Brewster)

Watch the balckbird coming down

guilty peracher waking drum

living in turtured extasis

twisted vision what you see

make you fammous, make you blameless

feel the madne...

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Cant Take Anymore

(J. Brewster-Throckman)

Have you ever wondered why things turn out wrong?

you keep on trying but you just can't get it on,

always lived by the rules, keeping the company of fools,

You ca...

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Child in You


Gonna walk the streets, never seen before

I won't sleep tonight, all the rest is yours

can't take anymore

Such an easy night, I got your call

double lock the doors, ...

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Dawn in Breaking

(R. Brewster-Amanda Brewster)

Child of fortune, silver streak

been bred for breeding, blood line elite

you've got passion, you've got poison

you've got second sight

you've got the chi...

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Did You Hurt Somebody


Red light, black street, dead man, still people

I swear that I just heard my number

too late, no chance, last breath, cold panic

call the ambulance, somebody's...

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Dogs Are Talking


Heat's on, heart is burning

somebody took a desperate chance

downtown streets of passion

last rites for a dead romance

leave the wastelan...

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Dont Need You

(R. Brewster-Neeson-Spencer-Eccles-Hilbun)

There comes a time in a young girl's life

when she first meets a man

there comes a time in a young girl's life

when she becomes a woman


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Dont Waste My Time


Search high, feel low

get by, bad blow

raw stand, bad feel

find the man, steal the deal

time out, look good

eyes peeled, understood

stand back, ...

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No one ever beats you

trying was a waste of time

no one ever cheats you

I could never read your mind

didn't wanna touch you

didn't wanna talk out loud

got a d...

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Face the Day


Do step inside it, you're all invited,

you'll get excited when you see where we've gone,

high over starred seas, I do what I please,

no one to ask me why I've ...

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Finger on the Trigger 1988


I don't wanna face the day, the day, today

I don't wanna face the day, the day, today

Long night leaves me stranded

black visions, danger signs

no love, nee...

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История в фотографиях (390)


Мария Кежа — Mиcc CCCP 1990 года. Моника Беллуччи и баяны. Популярное нижнее белье для девушек в свитерах 1940-х и 1950-х годов: бюстгальтер-пуля....

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Кэрри Фишер на промо "Звёздные войны. Эпизод V: Империя наносит ответный удар", 1980 год. Кристина Агилера — американская певица, автор песен, танцовщица, актриса, продюсер, телезвезда, филантроп, а т...

История в фотографиях (388)


Жаркий поцелуй Мадонны и Бритни Спирс на MTV Video Music Awards 2003 г. В 90‑е годы Маколей Калкин был одной из самых популярных детских звезд в мире. И это неудивительно, ведь такие фильмы, ка...

История в фотографиях (387)


Эбби Ли Кершоу в журнале W, Март 2012 г. Хамфри Богарт и Лорен Бэколл, 1945-е. Часы, поднятые с Титаника. Они остановились в 2.28, через 2 минуты после крушения. США. Фото 1985 г.

История в фотографиях (386)


Мальчику отрезало голову на глазах у родителей. Эта трагедия произошла на водных горках в парке развлечений «Шлиттербан», Канзас-сити. Aмериканская фотомодeль и актpиса Конни Кpecки и её Шeлби 1970-го...

9 умерших актеров сериала «Морские дьяволы»


Многосерийный фильм «Морские дьяволы» выходит на экраны с 2005 года и насчитывает 9 сезонов. В 2021-м стартовал новый сезон проекта, получивший название «Дальние рубежи». Сюжет фильма рассказывает о ч...