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They tried to make me go to rehab but I said 'no, no, no'
Yes I've been black but when I come back you'll know know know
I ain't got the time and if my daddy thinks I'm fine
He's tried to make...

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You Know I'm No Good

Meet you downstairs in the bar and heard
Your rolled up sleeves and your skull t-shirt
You say why did you do it with him today?
And sniff me out like I was Tanqueray

'Cause you're my fell...

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Me And Mr Jones (Fuckery)

Nobody stands in between me and my man, it's me
And Mr Jones (Me and Mr Jones)

What kind of fuckery is this?
You made me miss the Slick Rick gig (oh Slick Rick)
You thought I didn't love y...

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Just Friends

When will we get the time to be just friends
It's never safe for us not even in the evening
'cos I've been drinking
Not in the morning where your shit works
It's always dangerous when everyb...

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Back To Black

He left no time to regret
Kept his dick wet
With his same old safe bet
Me and my head high
And my tears dry
Get on without my guy
You went back to what you knew
So far removed from all...

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Love Is A Losing Game

For you I was a flame
Love is a losing game
Five story fire as you came
Love is a losing game

Why do I wish I never played
Oh what a mess we made
And now the final frame
Love is a lo...

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Tears Dry On Their Own

All I can ever be to you,
Is a darkness that we knew,
And this regret I had to get accustomed to,
Once it was so right,
When we were at our high,
Waiting for you in the hotel at night,

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Wake Up Alone

It's okay in the day I'm staying busy
Tied up enough so I don't have to wonder where is he
Got so sick of crying
So just lately
When I catch myself I do a 180
I stay up clean the house

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Some Unholy War

If my man was fighting
Some unholy war
I would be behind him
Straight shook up beside him
With strength he didn't know
It's you I'm fighting for
He can't lose with me in tow
I refuse t...

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He Can Only Hold Her

He can only hold her for so long
The lights are on but noone's home
She's so vacant Her soul is taken
He is what she's running from
How can he have her heart
When it got stole
Though he tr...

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Tell your boyfriend next time he around
To buy his own weed and don't wear my shit down
I wouldn't care if bre would give me some more
I'd rather him leave you then leave him my draw

When ...

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Stronger Than Me (Jazz Intro)

You should be stronger than me
You been here 7 years longer than me
Don't you know you supposed to be the man,
Not pal in comparison to who you think I am,

You always wanna talk it through...

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You Send Me Flying (Cherry)

Lent you outsidaz and my new Badu
while I was thinking you didn't have a clue
tough to sort files with your voice in my head
So then I bribed you downstairs with a malboro red
so now I feel ...

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Know You Now

You're just a little boy underneath that hat
You need your nerve to hide your ego - don't come with that
You think everything is handed to you free
But it's not that easy, no

I gotta know ...

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Fuck Me Pumps

When you walk in the bar,
And you dressed like a star,
Rockin' your F me pumps.

And the men notice you,
With your Gucci bag crew,
Can't tell who he's lookin' to.

Cuz you all look the...

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I Heard Love Is Blind

I couldn't resist him
His eyes were like yours
His hair was exactly the shade of brown
He's just not as tall, but I couldn't tell
It was dark and I was lying down

You are everything - he...

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Moody's Mood For Love (Teo Licks)

There I go, there I go, there I go, there I go
Pretty baby you are the soul, snaps my control
Such a funny thing but everytime your near me
I never can behave
You give me a smile and I'm wra...

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(There Is) No Greater Love

There is no greater love
Than what I feel for you
No sweeter song, no heart so true

There is no greater thrill
Than what you bring to me
No sweeter song
Than what you sing, sing to me ...

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In My Bed

Wish I could say it breaks my heart
like you did in the beginning
Its not that we grew apart
a nightingale no longer singing

Its something i know you cant do
seperate sex with emotion

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Take The Box

Your neighbours were screaming
I don't have a key for downstairs, so I punched all the buzzers hoping you wouldn't be there
So now my head's hurting
You say I always get my own way
But you w...

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История в фотографиях (71)


Билл Гейтс, 1985 год. Григорий Лепс на службе в Хабаровске. СССР, 1980-е. Присцилла Пресли в объективе Рона Галеллы, Беверли-Хиллз, 1975 г....

История в фотографиях (70)


Франсуаза Арди верхом на болиде Формулы 1. 1966 год. Вид Земли из беспилотного космического корабля «Аполлон-4», 9 ноября 1967 года. У Чарльза Триппа нет рук, а у Эли Боуэна нет ног, но выход всегда ...

История в фотографиях (68)


Владимир Высоцкий за рулем своего Mercedes 450. Ума Турман, 1986 год. Джек Николсон в тестовом гриме для фильма "Иствикские ведьмы", 1987 год....

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«Титаник» покидает гавань и выходит в Кельтское море. Последняя фотография лайнера над водой. 10.04.1912 г. Сибирячка и зашедшие в гости медвежата, 1900 г. Заброшенный парк президентов, штат Вирджиния...

История в фотографиях (66)


Автомобиль скорой помощи. США, 1967 год. 1971 Buick Riviera GS. Лив Тайлер на съёмках фильма "Онегин", 1998 год. Одри Хепберн и ее ручной олененок, 1958 год....