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Monochromatic Stains (Dark Tranquillity cover)

There is this face in the still water
I can't remember ever wearing
Like fingerprints on your heart
Reading out the last lines of code
To the untrained eye a secret
I bled away the last of y...

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You're Coming With Me

Intentional dreaming reveals a deceit less obvious
It's the liars who are punished but the liars speak the truth
I will never know your intention but I'll make clear my own
You're guilty by asso...

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When The Bough Breaks

Alone... she was... and we face this journey alone...
Helpless and weak, dependent on others' decisions and needs.
But who's to say what is right?
To protect a soul or to save a life?
Is it a...

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Waiting Out The Winter

Which is more elusive
Freedom or sanity?
When one disappears
The other follows so quickly

Certain species, races, beings are gifted, you see
With the power to rob us of either
Should the...

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Void Of Sympathy

I remember the way your hand reached out and closed doors
I remember, though memories serve no purpose anymore
Wrong direction
I now see what I didn't look for
Feed off perfection and bite th...

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The Tempest

I say!
Why do you grip so hard, that way?
Of what, is there left to be afraid?
Let the waves elope with your empty remains.
They erode your foothold, anyway.
They mosh, unaware of their own...

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The Mass Of The Earth

I just wrote to tell you this;
I did just my very best
I went far but got stuck there
I picked up the pieces, I was your vigilant soldier
but the mass of the earth just weighed too heavily o...

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Thank You, Pain.

So, lowly criminal, please tell me, how do you plead?
Now, honorable judges, ladies, gentlemen of the jury,
Please allow me to present my case...
Ha! What case can you possibly present,
To ...

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Take A Bow

Powerless, depressed
I try to conceal all the wreckage inside
But they are denied the basic rights
Hand-delivered to all of mankind

My patience tried
Forgiveness died
My hands are tied

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Once more I've stepped across the line
Repeating to myself that everything is fine
Once more I'm shipwrecked far from shore
This time the war and blood and gore are mine

Approaching the e...

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Revenge Of The Dadaists

Sont-ils prisonniers? (French: Are they locked in?)
Devrais-je les libérer? (French: Should I release them?)

This seclusion frightens me

What happened to youthful armies,

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Predator And Prayer

We hear you, we don't care
We hear you, we don't care
We hear you, we don't care

You sit and soak in your beliefs
You cling to ice and think
You'll float away to your demise
And won't ...

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Keep out the intruders! Put the drawbridge up!
The enemy ransacked what we had just rebuilt!
Now the garden lies in serene symmetry
And severe color theory.

Roots slowly poisoning
Through ...

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And Their Eulogies Sang Me To Sleep

All I heard was the sound of fish who'd drowned.
All I saw was the inside of my eyelids.
All I said fell short of reaching open ears.

Words floating, clouding the view...
'See no, hear no, ...

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Memento Mori

Can't you see how far I've bent?
Fuel abuse at my expense
The limbs that crawl up silken threads
And swift entomb the not quite dead

That sickening numbness hindsight hides
Like spiders...

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Lonely Solipsist

Parrot, squatting on your throne, mentally captured, are you?
Foot-soldered concrete rooted in basement, alone.
Corporeality relinquished. Fictive molecules revolt.
Soliloquies like apparitio...

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We are but prisoners, of waterfalls.
We stand on broken ribs, faces to the glass we drown.
Heavy mileage on our minds.
We wrap the Earth in cerebral folds.

And the corpse we carry really is ...

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Globus Hystericus

What says the Tree to his friends the Rocks?
When he lives and breathes they sit and mock?
And he grows strong, for centuries long, but one day he dies and begins to rot.
'We will last intact t...

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Forget Tomorrow

Fall into flames

Well all that remains of me
Is a stepped-on, thrown-out piece of your enemy
All that remains of me is about to hit the ground

When you begin to deny all of your past liv...

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Everybody Wants You (Dead)

You did me wrong! Yeah, you screwed me
But – guess what! I win, you lose
How funny, what you show when you’ve got nothing to prove
Everybody wants you? Everybody wants you dead
But I want you ...

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Татьяна Самойлова и Пабло Пикассо во время Каннского кинофестиваля, 16 мая 1958 год и Девочки Playboy приветствует Хью Хефнера в Лондоне, 1970 год


Девочки Playboy приветствует Хью Хефнера во время того , как его частный самолет приземляется в Лондоне, 1970 год. Шэрон Тейт демонстрирует недавно купленную детскую одежду, 1969 г. Дeбютный показ Ту-...