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What if I could move mountains

And gave all I had to the poor?

Would it mean a thing?

Would it mean a thing if I don't have love?

What if I used all the gifts

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2:00 Your Time

It's 2:00 your time, midnight mine

And I could die to have you here

Call you up, I'm far away

Wake you up, but it's ok

You don't mind

I'm not scared to s...

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Why is the whole frickin' world against me?

And why does it seem that I can't even turn around

Without someone finding disapproval of me?

Well I say screw it

I'm so golly g...

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Age Of Gold

Remember when, remember you and me

In fields of blue and white

And I would never take it back

The standoffs and the makeups

On the bench, our scene for hours and hours ...

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All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Calculus

Well you can differentiate with the best of them

Yeah you can sure find your dx and dy

Wontcha let me scootch on over to the desk next to you

And I'll show you some things on my T...

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Amanda talks about herself

Forever and a day she'll get her way

Amanda talks about nothing

But she'll make you think it's poetry

And it's too bad she's only seventeen y...

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Arms of Love

Night and Day I have called out Your Name

Trying to find my way back to Your heart

I've been searching in vain

Cuz all I need to do is to silently listen for You

To hear Yo...

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Blank Contract

God: Here ya go, boy, sign the form

Just sign on the dotted line

Don't you worry about petty details

It'll be alright in time

Me : Hey wait a sec, this contract's blank...

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But For Grace

Fire burns in the grate

The guilt burns in the breast of every prisoner

The guilty, the condemned

Death is red on their hands

The galling chains reminding every minute <...

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Chilly Minnesota

Chilly Minnesota, look out my back door and I see snow

Silly Minnesota, look out my back door, a mosquito

Florida doesn't have snow, that's where I least want to go


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Waiting for a sign that never came

Waiting, pinching nerves to stay sane

Can't erase the time, forget the past

Knowing good times come and go so fast

Denise it'...

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Die, Vedder

You, object of all my hate

Cuz you, object of all her love

Yeah it's you, you she's thinking of

Teen idol, you're ruining my life

Looming larger than life

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Driving Against Velocities Extreme

Driving against velocities extreme, makes you wonder why you're going nowhere fast

Slipping backwards maybe and you wonder

Yeah you wonder, "How long is this gonna last?"

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Earth Angel

Oh my darling, how I long for your embrace

Oh my sweetheart, how I long to see your face

Earth angel, earth angel

Will you be mine?

Love you forever, until the end ...

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Estella steps in silence

Her every movement caught

Encased in gilded memory

Here it comes again

Anticipation racing through me

Thrilling with emotion


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Fortress (Acoustic Version)

So now a hush falls on my heart

My mind at ease, apologies as I start

Overcome, Love holds me near

Pitiful boy, oh I am awed, try to be so sincere

I come into Yo...

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Full Release

Don't let me get in the way

I don't know what I'm saying

I guess I just don't see Your wonderful plan for me

Don't let me get in the way

I don't know what I'm saying


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German Song

Nur einmal hungrichen Tag

Ich mochte einen Apfel

Oder lieber eine Kirsche

Aber am liebsten ich esse einen Leberkas

Wenn ich hungrich bin

Ich esse Essen...

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Get Off My Back

Get off my back, get off my back, get off my back

I wish you would go away today

You'd better stop calling me

You're starting to get real annoying

And I will call the cops ...

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Have It All

Counting down, expecting latest, greatest

Newest model maybe, hope

Wishing, hoping, praying

To outdo the Joneses

Squalor, impulse, crowding, tis the season

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История в фотографиях (66)


Автомобиль скорой помощи. США, 1967 год. 1971 Buick Riviera GS. Лив Тайлер на съёмках фильма "Онегин", 1998 год. Одри Хепберн и ее ручной олененок, 1958 год....

История в фотографиях (65)


Шведская супермодель Лиза Фонсангривс на Эйфелевой башне. Фото Erwin Blumenfeld. Париж, Франция 1939г. Ю. Никулин с семьей на отдыхе, СССР, 1970–е. Моргaн Фримен во время службы в армии США, 1955 год....

История в фотографиях (64)


Первая Всемирная выставка ХХ века. Париж. Франция. 1900г. Павильон СССР на Всемирной технологической выставке EXPO-70, Осака 1970 год. ...

Гарик Харламов высмеял убранство дома начальника ГИБДД в целой серии снимков


Резидент Comedy Club Гарик Харламов высмеял на своей странице в Инстаграм убранство роскошного особняка начальника ГИБДД Алексея Сафронова, который был задержан по подозрению в коррупции. ...

Роскошный дом начальника ГИБДД


Стало известно о задержании начальника управления ГИБДД Ставропольского края Алексея Сафонова и его подчиненных по делу об организации преступного сообщества.
Фотографии особняка, в котором жил задер...