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Da Capo

Written by Jonas "Joker" Berggren.

Da Capo

Da Capo

You're living in a dreamer's dream

Da Da Capo

One level ahead

I'm calling to you

But touch you I cannot do

To tell you i ca...

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Beautiful Morning

Written by Jenny Berggren, Jonas Joker Berggren & Linn Berggren

What a beautiful morning

The best in life is free

What a beautiful morning

Believe me

What a mystery

Though the worl...

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Change With The Light

Written by Jonas "Joker" Berggren, Ulf "Buddha" Ekber, Jenny Berggren and Linn Berggren

Change with the light

Change with the light

Turn, turn, turn around

Change with the light


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Hey Darling

Written by Jonas "Joker" Berggren.

Hey darling

Have to tell 'bout the world

Have to tell you today

Believe me now

Believe me now

You'd better believe in angels

There's no other ...

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Ordinary Day

Ordinary Day (3:23) extras


I wanna kiss you just not ordinary miss you

It's an ordinary day

I would like to do the same tomorrow

I wanna kiss you just not ordinary miss you


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Remember The Words

Remember The Words (3:42) extras


You got to believe me

Remember the words

Remember the words


When you're down on your knees and without a friend

Standing afraid at the ...

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Show Me Love

Show Me Love (3:43) extras


Show me love

Double love

Won't you show me love?

Show me love.

'Cause it's been brave for so many years


I just wanna have what is mine

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The Juvenile

The Juvenile (3:44) extras


The juvenile in a time where the night is so cold

The juvenile has the key to the end

The juvenile in the end, that is why we are here

The world wi...

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Written by Jonas "Joker" Berggren, Adam Anders, Nicklas Von Der Burg and Magnus Lindsten.

All I wanna say to you

Oh yeah!

I was unfeeling

when you discovered me

Give me a reason


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What's The Name Of The Game

Written by Jonas "Joker" Berggren, Jonas Von Der Burg and Harry Sommerdahl

What's the name of the game

Age of time

Looking through the windows

It's the age of time

Travelling through ...

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Wonderful Life

Wonderful Life (4:15) extras


Aha ha ha ha ha ha

Aha ha ha ha ha ha

Mmh mmh


Here I go out to sea again

The sunshine fills my hair

And dreams hang in the air


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World Down Under

Written by Jonas "Joker" Berggren, Jonas Von Der Burg and Harry Sommerdahl

I believe in there's a world down under

Yeah yeah hey

I believe in there's a world down under

Wave after wave

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Cruel Summer

Dans la chaleur de la nuit qui s'enroule tout autour de moi

Je marche seule sans savoir pourquoi tu n'es plus lГ

Ca tourne dans ma tГЄte

Et tout s'arrГЄte

Ta voix me parle tout bas


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Adventures In Paradise

Ooh yeah!

We wanna be alone tonight

'Til early in the morning light

Out in the open you are here

Adventures in paradise

We wanna be alone tonight

'Til early in the morning light


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Always Have, Always Will

Always have, always will

I was mesmerised when I first met you

Wouldn't let myself believe

The you could step right out of my wildest dreams

But you didn't know

That secret part of me...

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This is a song about a well-known girl

Who was she?

We will never know the answer to that question

Cecilia - walk in the light

Cecilia - you're gonna live forever

According to a well...

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Don't Go Away

One step hesitation

One step into the night

Don't mind the weather

It's raining in my heart tonight

Much more to living

Two wrongs don't make a right

You're gonna regret it


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Donnie's got a secret and you know it

He was yours, in the summertime, yeah

About ten years ago

He promised you to stay forever

Live with you

It's so bittersweet now

When you know...

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He Decides

Can't you hear them whispering

Around you all the time

Can't you tell the difference between

Things when you're in love

I hear your voice is trembling

Everytime when he's around


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Tokyo Girl

Tokyo girl, Tokyo girl

You've got the moves to rule the world

That cute inscru-tability

Tokyo girl, you're a mystery

Tokyo girl, Tokyo girl

Shaking up hearts around the world

You c...

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