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Thou Shalt Forever Suffer

The world seems to matter no more
I'm standing by the treshold to the door
Where death is waiting on the other side
Chained to the shore awaiting the coming tide

As the shining steel caresses...

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Retention Of Illusion

Faithful believers of a nonexisting god
Waste all your life on your bare knees
Reality a word unknown
Passing your head with a gentle nod
Brainwashed from the day of your birth

Religious fa...

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Where The Strong Life Forever

Born to die, our fate has been sealed
The webs of life spun since day one
Odin father to death, our paths will cross
In the halls of Valhalla well feast, warriors from North

These seas whippe...

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Gazing up to the blackened sky
Makes part of me slowly die
Among the clouds I can see a dove
The messenger of love

Follow it, they said, to paradise
Afterwards I hate them and their lies

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Ad Libitum

I will follow my desire
Building up my dreams empire
Not listening to your bullshit
I'm free I have no sire

I will not hesitate
If you stand in my way
Then I'll promise you
You won't see a...

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Shrouded Are The Pleasures Of Flesh

There is things about me you don't know
There is feelings in me I'll never show
It's an eerie sound in my head
Why can't I ever sleep?


Sleepless night...

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Slit Wide Open

There seems to be no meaning
There seems to be no hope
There seems to be no meaning
It's time to fetch the rope

These thoughts carve in my mind
The scars they make are eternal
My hate grows...

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I can't close my eyes
Staring straight into the empty sky
Feeling trapped an overfilled with lies
I can't deny
These lovely thoughts of death has crossed my mind

I can't deny
Death is on my...

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Erased _ Relived

Black shadows creeping down the wall
Another life is about to end
I can feel the hour creeping closer now
Today it's my execution day

Without fear in my eyes
I walk the 30 meters of the chai...

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Give me energy
I can't control myself
I'm burning up from inside
There is no contact to your world
The flame inside me just died

Every day will be the same
My only passion will heal my pain...

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Machine Supreme

Divine warmachine, terror on wheels of steel
Engine roaring like thunder on the field
Is it Hell? Is it Eden?
No sympathy, no peace
Just anger, hate and fury

Suffering an higher art of pleas...

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I Will Be Your God

What do you expect to see
The victory of humanity?
Your troops are only here and there
I am everywhere

You can burn it and pray that it dies
But it never just rests a while

You will be t...

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The Truth Is Sold

Your world does not seem too fetching
Nor your way to live your life
So routine and so honest It would not hurt with some lies

It is time to cast aside your chains
Let's hide your fears and l...

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The Return Of The Mighty Raven

In a time long forgotten by man
When our ground still belonged to us
Our ancestors fought your armies
With swords in our hands

In a time when the northmen stood proud
Ina time when the north...

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As The Dove Falls Torn Apart

Hear thes sounds of war, it is coming, it is here
The dove of peace falls torn apart

We will not go quietly into the night
We will not vanish without a fight Never – go into the night
Never –...

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Mournful Serenade

Remember your carress so gentle Remember your kiss so delightful
With tears running down my cheek
I sit here alone wondering – why?

Sing with me – this song of love so pure
Sing with me – thi...

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Is this just a preparation
For what is soon to come?
Another life might be waiting
For me to enter the tomb

I am not the only one
I am dying to find out
I want my life to rest
Solution sui...

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Into The Land Of Dreams

Close your eyes and fall asleep And I will guide you to my kingdom
A place where we will unite
When the day turns to night

Join me – fly with me – into the land of dreams
We will walk through...

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Plague Of Mine

A voyage through time and eternity
Through sorrows, grief and pain
This fucking life – this fucking pain
An eternal plague of mine

This fucking life – this fucking pain
An eternal plague of...

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The Rain That Falls

Alone I wander in this misty forest
In this my (own) world of darkness
There are no lights that show me the way
The screams from my past surround me

The rain that falls tastes like blood

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Кристен Белл в фотосессии Rolling Stone & Nylon Mag и Гайя Кауки — мальтийская певица, победительница конкурсов песни «Детское Евровидение — 2013»


Кристен Белл в фотосессии Rolling Stone & Nylon Mag, 2000-ые. Михаил Ульянов, Анна Синякина и Станислав Говорухин на съёмках фильма "Ворошиловский стрелок", 1999 год. Уолт Дисней с Микки Маусом около ...

Крушение крупнейшего дирижабля Гинденбург и Занятие в школе подводных фотографов Брюса Мозерта


Роуз Лесли, 2010-ые. Крушение крупнейшего дирижабля Гинденбург, ознаменовавшая конец эпохи дирижаблестроения. Занятие в школе подводных фотографов Брюса Мозерта, 1954 год, Сильвер Спринг. Тpoе мужчин-...

Король поп-музыки Мaйкл Джексон в самом начале сольной карьеры и "Мисс Турция 2006" Мерве Буюксарач


Дайана Ригг, она же бабушка Оленна Тирелл в Игре Престолов, 1967 г. Брэд Питт в кинофильме «Интервью с вампиром», кадры 1994 года. Король поп-музыки Мaйкл Джексон в самом начале сольной карьеры. США,...

Тильда Суинтон в молодости и Кирстен Данст


Тильда Суинтон в молодости, 80-ые. Кирстен Данст, 2000-ые. Соблазнительные девушки–кролики Playboy, 1960 год. Джим Керри и Камерон Диас со своими дублерами Лизой Нанзьеллой и Дино Джорджио на съёмках ...

Шведская группа ABBA и Николь Кидман1995 год


Кейт Бекинсейл, 2010-ые. Шведская группа ABBA. 1974 г. Калифорнийские фермеры во время работы в саду на специальных ходулях, 1960 год. Петрова Александра - российская модель, победительница конкурса ...