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Galaxies And Eons Decline

Hail you forgotten gods
Sleeping the step of death
Return to blood soaked power
To fierce tyrants reign
They somnambulate on burning foots prints
Haunting black infinity
The shadows beyond the...

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The Redeemer's Return

It feels so cold tonight
My skin has turned to ice
Dead and gone are all emotions
Breeding pain enwraps
All the tears that wash away
Life's unreal
Values of joy and love
Pale are my eyes – fr...

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Satan's Galaxy

What means imagination
If not the trigger
To pure hell?
The chaos nova of our vision
Closed the fissure of the night
After the mirror of the void was scared
By shapeless horns – Satan's galaxy...

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Nocturnal Stardust

Azrael! Angel of death
Go forth into that dark night
On the narrow threshold stands a legion
United they sing out but one name
Sword to pointed sword
Wing to pointed wing
Language unpronouncea...

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Luminescence Of Darkness

I am the heart of battle
I am the arm of warriors
My father, he gave me the heavens
My father, he gave me the earth
He who was alive yesterday
He who was alive is dead today
The thunders of wr...

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Battlestar Abigor

A fallout force – a fatal vision
Battlestar Abigor
Decolour the universe in its purest shape
Give birth to the constant of death
Immortality and departure of the eternal stardust
Reveal the eye...

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Interconstellar eclipse caused
By protoplasmic bombardments
Extraterrestrial invaders encompass the universe
Infernal invasion enchant me
Systematic obliteration – hate me!
Lifelessness invader...

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The Legacy

Overwhelming fear
As all nightmares come to life
Extracted pain unfolds within this realm of fear
A change of visions extend my mind
Psychotropic pulse
I am the chosen one – Satan's son
A flas...

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Eyes upon me
Watching me in my perpetual sleep
Dreams deceive me
My future depends on a mindless dream
I've fallen from promises
Damned to take risks on my own
The masterful science that fre...

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Terrible Certainty

Die! Slowly you're dying
From this contagious disease
Once you're infected there's no hope of a cure
Your passing is a sure thing
Your thoughts are empty and hopeless
Nothing is left for you ...

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Equilibrium Pass By

Obtained is now this crystal throne
That once upon a time unfolded before my inner eye
Extinguished equilibrium
While I became immortal

Time itself flows through my veins
As I rise my sword ...

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Dawn Of Human Dust

A newborn day waits to surrect
But what will cover dawn?
Neither begging nor pleading will find ears
When all the angel hordes have gone to war
For a final twisted dance
A twisted dance into de...

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Pandemonic Revelation

A hunger for insanity within illusions infinity
A heart of dreaming ice and burning flesh caught in passion
The ultimate pain shines as a star upon God
And his creation that gaze at the horizon o...

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Wildfire And Desire

In the ancient tradition of conjuration
To satisfy my bestial urge
I raise blackened magic to the heavens, against the light
So appear and bring forth my desire
Flesh is the slave – my spirit re...

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Pandora's Miasmic Breath

Melting in the heat
Beloved Succubus I lick your lips in fever dreams

Pandora sweet
Your hot flesh sucks on mine as I flow deep into thee

My bride in red
In lust our souls ablaze scream w...

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Utopia Consumed

Forgive me father for I've sinned
I am a child of fire and the master of winds
But I'm still wide awake...

Fingers grip out of my brain
No control – my mind is lame

From the earth up to t...

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Towards Beyond

Through imperial halls of ice
Where I left bloodstained pillars
Resplendent seem these silver walls
Silent phantoms I burn
Towards the emptiness
Towards the gorge

Onwards, onwards... to hel...

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Demon's Vortex

Only one night is missing
But this one will bring the storm that put an end to everything
The sky is still starlit, but if our faith, our desire is forceful enough
The strings of silence – hushed...

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Supreme Immortal Art

Shivers herald an upcoming possession
The urges to create set us ablaze
Demonic art sacrificed to the night
A monument of malicious sonority
The most precious gift for the everlasting cycle

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Soil Of Souls

Souls of infidel men
Is a fertile soil
Like dusky forests grow
On fallen leaves
We draw the essence of mortal weakness
Holyness – the worst gift of light
Is long dead and gone
Buried by our s...

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За кадром: что известно о личной жизни актеров сериала «Троцкий»


В начале ноября 2023-го на Первом канале повторили телесериал «Троцкий». Кинолента рассказала о событиях, которые происходили с государственным деятелем в начале и середине прошлого столетия. В сюжетн...

Александр Абдулов в роли Менахема–Мендла и Милла Йовович. Нью-Йорк, 1990-е


Милла Йовович. Нью-Йорк, 1990-е. Александр Абдулов в роли Менахема–Мендла, Татьяна Пельтцер в образе его мамаши в спектакле театра Ленкома "Поминальная молитва". 1989. Поимка сбежавшей белой медведиц...

15-летняя Лив Тайлер с мамой Бебе Бьюэлл на фото Дэвида МакГоу и Потрясная Энн Хэтэуэй в фильме "Темный рыцарь. Возрождение легенды", 2012 г.


15-летняя Лив Тайлер с мамой Бебе Бьюэлл на фото Дэвида МакГоу в 1993 году. Конкурс "Королева табака", Северная Каролина, 1950–е. Потрясная Энн Хэтэуэй в фильме "Темный рыцарь. Возрождение легенды", 2...

Сигурни Уивер и Мел Гибсон, ей 33, ему 26, 1983 год и Леонардо Ди Каприо и Мартин Скорсезе на съемках фильма "Остров проклятых"


Сигурни Уивер и Мел Гибсон, ей 33, ему 26, 1983 год. Леонардо Ди Каприо и Мартин Скорсезе на съемках фильма "Остров проклятых", 2010 год. Группа туристов позирует на статуе Будды. Камакура. Япония, 18...