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Heaven Help The Heart

Like a killer at large
You strolled down Bourbon Street
Lookin' for an easy mark
With every man you meet
And I never saw the devil
Behind your rain blue eyes
Spellbound by your long legs and you...

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I Don't Want You To Go (But I Need You To Leave)

Here we go....

You're too hard to handle
Scandal after scandal
You must think I'm naive
I don't want you to go
But I need you to leave

It's wild alibis and those outrageous lies
You expect ...

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If You're Not In Love

I'm tryin' not to panic, I'm gettin' all romantic
Gettin' soft with everything I say and do.
I'm talkin' hours on the phone, puttin' on that sweet cologne
I'm even puttin' down the toilet seat for ...

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Kentucky Coal Miner's Prayer

Deep in the mountain of Harlan County
Employed by the Cumberland coal company
The pay is short, the days are long
But our labor union laws are coming on strong
So I drink this whiskey for my throa...

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Lonely Lubbock Lights

I was singing at the ol' Broken Spoke
I could have swore she came walking in
Forgot the words to a song that I wrote

Must be losing my mind once again
Her daddy is a southern Baptist preacher

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Messing With A Man On A Mission

Aaron Watson/Neal Lowry

You warned me from the start not to let you break my heart
I guess you don't know who your talking too
I'll bet you money no matter how much honey
I'm about to change you...

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Next To Heave

Pinch me I must be dreaming
Waking up with you and feelin'
the tender touch of your good morning kiss
no where else on earth
is better than being next to you
next to heaven
it doesn't get any be...

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Off The Record

I got a letter from your lawyer
And you got one from mine
They say It's gonna be final
Once we sign that dotted line

We'll I guess we'll get our freedom
And a so called fresh new start
But whe...

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i still think about us
in the rush that we felt
with the rag top down and the radio blasting
you were riding shot gun
in nothing but a bikini and a seat belt
looking better than the law should ha...

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Shut Up And Dance

We both work hard for money already spent
Blaming each other for where it all went
Never thinking of love only paying the loans
Griping bout' bills and keeping up with the Jones
Just once let's fo...

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Some Never Will

With the world in the palm of his hands
Slipping through his fingers just like grains of sand
He don't know his hourglass is losing time
Till she run out of patience and leaves him far behind


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Something With A Swing To It

Well I was thumbing through the channels
And I saw a sight to see
A so-called country singer, there singing on MTV
And I began to think - had she ever heard a thing
Had she ever been to Texas wher...

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Stuck Between A Rock And A Heartache

He calls from a hotel in downtown Dallas
Says he won't be home for three more days
She gets so lonely in her Houston hill top palace
Talking to her self as their two-year-old plays
She rocks the b...

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The Notel Motel


He starts to think when she winks that he's somewhere he shouldn't be


He may be alone but at home someone's wearing his ring


So he heads for the door and ignores the devil o...

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What's Her Name


I swore Id never love again a promise I'd keep till the end

But then you made a liar out of me

But even a man of his words can't talk his way out of the hurt


When ...

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When Those Aggies Move To Austin


You're the devil's daughter in disguise


So don't try to hide the fire in your eyes


You must be stupid cause you just don't have a clue


Even hell frozen ove...

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Wish I Could Say I'd Been Drinking

Well I've done some things that I can't undo
I took your trust and I tore it into
No man in his right mind would have said it's over
Still I told you goodbye completely sober

I wish I could say ...

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Wrangler Butts

well, he's a no good for nothing
but she wishes he was good for something
besides his behind looking so fine
in those wragler jeans
well all her friends can't help but stare
at his blue denim der...

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История в фотографиях (37)


В подборке фото мы покажем Надю Команечи на Олимпийских играх в Монреале. Роберт Де Ниро с отцом, 1946 год. Айртон Сенна моет свою Honda NSX, 1990-е....

История в фотографиях (36)


Футуристический автобус Viberti Monotral Golden Dolphin итальянской компании Viberti, построенный в единственном экземпляре, мог развивать скорость до 200 км-ч. Олимпийская сборная СССР, 1976 год. Дже...

История в фотографиях (35)


В подборке мы Вам покажем фото хроники авиакатастрофы в 1968 г. — во Владимирской области в которой погиб первый космонавт планеты - Юрий Гагарин, Эрнест Хемингуэй с голубями на Площади Сан-Марко. Вен...

Картины каляки-маляки, которые продаются за бешеные деньги


Приветствую Вас, дорогой читатель! Вы когда-нибудь задавались вопросом: зачем уметь хорошо рисовать, если в наше время за огромные деньги продаются каляки-маляки (если уж простым языком говорить)? Лич...