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When it gets me back again
I'll be ready to begin
Ready to stand up to it
And it gets me back again

On my word I could never see it coming
Cause I never could keep up on
You said you c...

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Did I see you down in a young girls town
With your mother in so much pain?
I was almost there at the top of the stairs
With her screamin in the rain.

Did she wake you up to tell you that
It was...

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I Know There's An Answer (Hang Onto Your Ego)

I know so many people who think they can do it alone
They isolate their head and stay in their safety zone
Now what can you tell them
And what can you say that won't make them defensive

I know t...

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Really Something

I'm working on my forward thinking
Working on my self control
Process this ugly mess
And figure out how to make it whole

Choke down a bus ride to the city
Chase it with a trip to the East Side

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A Letter To Elise

Oh Elise it doesn't matter what you say
I just can't stay here every yesterday
Like keep on acting out the same
The way we act out
Every way to smile
And make-believe we never needed

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See It In Me (Acoustic)

You let me
Inside your brain
Again and again

Well I've noticed
Along the way
That it's beautiful
And I'd love to stay

Won't you come down
And sleep on the ground
And I'll be y...

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The Patron

If I seem just a little bit out of touch do you
Think it could be because of you?
Underneath real blood and deep conviction is
Another point of view
You cound down the days 'till the addiction get...

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All That's Left Of Me

Find me, hide me
In a hollowed out tree
When you find me
Will you hide me?

See you, see through
Everything that I do
When I see you
Will you see through?

Sleep tight, slipping quiet
Into ...

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Sweeter Than Me

Yesterday morning when you told me
That you have never felt this lonely
I saw the sadness in your eyes
You told be how you feel disguised

Confiding in me about the sleepless
Nights that you can...

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All You Can Give

Without a doubt I've taken all you can give
And now I suffer through this song
Feel free to hum along

Going back a few short years I can see
That I was never really here
As I collect the facts ...

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Time goes by feeling unravel
Words they make come out like gravel

We're on that road again that makes me feel queasy
Makes me uneasy

Your hair looks nice when I think about it
When I tell you...

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No Reason To Pretend

We come around
A circle meets
At last I feel I'm closer to beginning
A gentle word
A quiet heart
A soul that stirs another one to start

You'll never know dear how much you breathe
Strength an...

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Running In My Head

If I had a dime for every question
I could buy myself a bank to keep the answers in
When the house you rent was getting painted
I thought this out and wrote it down and mailed it

When I think of...

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On a good day
You break my heart again
On the highway
You run me over when
You are leaving me and taking everything

Everyone sees
You at work
And they all think
I'm not worth
The trouble th...

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Let Me In

On my own volition
I pound my head against the wall
And I don't hear it when you call
Tumbling down the stairway
I still try to make the phone
I call you back but your not home

Full of good in...

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The Boy Who Stopped The World

Don't think you could stop it now
I'd like to see you try somehow
Realize that it puts it all on you
There's nothing you can do

Right now you're sick and tired
You're feeling sad, feeling unins...

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So Discreet

I see a swallow perched in front of me
Laughing with her eyes so sullenly
Then I see a truck go down the way
No delivery for me today

There's a man upon a little bike
That makes him feel so big...

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The Kindest Days

You right in front of me
Now I can clearly see
All Your greatness
But it separates this
From what I ever heard
You've been holding me like a bird
In Your heart and
You've kept it guarded
Now t...

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Not About To

Shake the water off my hands
And count the moments
That you really understand this disappointment
Tired of always waking up the darkest feeling
Think I'll open up these blinds and get to seeing


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Sick Inside

I only spoke to you that way
To get it through your haggard brain
That I could be so much more
I could be someone that someone would adore

Seems like a long time since I felt good
Good enough t...

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Члены экипажа бомбардировщика Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. На съемках фильма «Парк юрского периода», 1992 год, США. Зима 1906 года на полотне Андрея Николаевича Шильдера «Ручей в лесу»....

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В подборке фото мы покажем Надю Команечи на Олимпийских играх в Монреале. Роберт Де Ниро с отцом, 1946 год. Айртон Сенна моет свою Honda NSX, 1990-е....

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Футуристический автобус Viberti Monotral Golden Dolphin итальянской компании Viberti, построенный в единственном экземпляре, мог развивать скорость до 200 км-ч. Олимпийская сборная СССР, 1976 год. Дже...