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Come back, my darling one
I'm calling on you
The road ahead is long
And I must warn you

I wonder
Where did she go?
If I failed you
I tell you right now

All I want you to know; I lo...

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You don't wanna hang around
Said you were leaving town for the summer
At least till sundown

Cuz time ain't gonna grind you down,
ain't gonna waste your life
chasing rainbows like some clow...

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Take your pride
and lift it high
I've come to say goodbye

You've got your live
And I've got mine
Sometimes hard to draw that line

I like to walk
And my way is my own
You taught me ...

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Over The Treetops

Hey, beautiful farm on the top of the hill
Whenever I pass by
I'm thinking I will
Find someone like you
Goodbye avenue
And then I'll be yearning for this too

Over the treetops fly

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It's in the way you hurt me
I know that I'm alive

Open up inside
Make me want you
Make me want to

Wrap yourself around me
Hold me tighter
Hold me tight as you can

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Don't Do Me Any Favors

You offer your assistance
But you won't accept my help
You draw your own conclusions
And there's room for little else

Your own participation's
Based on how much you can lose
I cannot hel...

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Cosy Prisons

Take a moment if you dare
Catch yourself a breath of air
There's another life out there
And you should try it

Dead ends hide on every street
Look before you place your feet
Cracks and fi...

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Halfway Through The Tour

Halfway through the tour
We'll be somewhere else tomorrow
Halfway through the tour
We'll be somewhere else tomorrow
And you know
I can't do much more (I can't wish for more)
Than walking o...

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A Fine Blue Line

Take a look and see
What's become of me
Remember how it used to be

People that we'd meet
Were falling at your feet
You didn't eve see it

Time marches on ahead - enough said
There's o...

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Keeper Of The Flame

Give it up for rock'n roll
Give it up for rock
Give it up for how it made you feel

Give it up for vinyl days
Kicking back from school
Turning out to make it real sweet

Give it up for r...

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Make It Soon

I watch my love she's sleeping
The air around her deepened
Tomorrow she will smile again
Tomorrow she'll get wild again

My love
And the moon
Take your time
Make it soon

I didn't me...

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White Dwarf

There's a big, black picture and it's hanging on the wall.
With stars and all the planets, the milky way and all.
And in the left hand corner, perhaps a small white dwarf,
Ready to explode, impl...

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Summers Of Our Youth

There's nothing you can say
To make me change my mind
It happens all the time
Just let the plot unwind

As we look back and see
Our yesterdays entwine
The beauty and the truth
The summe...

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Did Anyone Approach You

You never look up
You never look back
You never say anything based on fact
You've got issues going way back

You never say 'hi'
You never say much
You never make an effort to stay in ...

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Forever Not Yours

Hold me tight, this is a lonely night
and i've hurt you baby, 'cause you're my light
Make me strong, just like you make me weak
and your hands reach out for me
even in your sleep

I'll soon be...

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Minor Earth Major Sky

I can`t see me in this empty place
Just another lonely face
I can`t see me here in outer space
It`s so hard to leave a trace

And I try and I try and I try
But it never comes out right
Yes I ...

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Manhattan Skyline

We sit and watch umbrellas fly
I'm trying to keep my newspaper dry
I hear myself say
My boat's leaving now
So we shake hands and cry
Now I must wave goodbye
Wave goodbye

You know I don't ...

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I've Been Loosing You

It wasn't the rain that washed away...
Rinsed out the colours of your eyes
Putting the gun down on the bedside table
I must have realized

It wasn't the rain
That made no difference
And I cou...

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I will never let you down
I will always be around

In the time we are here
We'll see love disappear
Don't ask how
Don't ask why
Just fly, dragonfly
Just fly, dragonfly

I will never br...

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Oranges On Appletrees

Oranges on apple trees
Birds that mate with bumblebees
Oranges on apple trees
Water comes and water goes
Where it ends up no one really knows
Water rises, water falls
Where it comes from...

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За кадром: что известно о личной жизни актеров сериала «Троцкий»


В начале ноября 2023-го на Первом канале повторили телесериал «Троцкий». Кинолента рассказала о событиях, которые происходили с государственным деятелем в начале и середине прошлого столетия. В сюжетн...

Александр Абдулов в роли Менахема–Мендла и Милла Йовович. Нью-Йорк, 1990-е


Милла Йовович. Нью-Йорк, 1990-е. Александр Абдулов в роли Менахема–Мендла, Татьяна Пельтцер в образе его мамаши в спектакле театра Ленкома "Поминальная молитва". 1989. Поимка сбежавшей белой медведиц...

15-летняя Лив Тайлер с мамой Бебе Бьюэлл на фото Дэвида МакГоу и Потрясная Энн Хэтэуэй в фильме "Темный рыцарь. Возрождение легенды", 2012 г.


15-летняя Лив Тайлер с мамой Бебе Бьюэлл на фото Дэвида МакГоу в 1993 году. Конкурс "Королева табака", Северная Каролина, 1950–е. Потрясная Энн Хэтэуэй в фильме "Темный рыцарь. Возрождение легенды", 2...