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I'm so sick of me, being sick of you
And the way you look, all the things you do
You drive me crazy, drive me crazy
Sick of being broke, can't pay for shit
I'm about to snap, I can't handle it

Adelitas Way 20 Песен


I need you, you need me
We make the perfect kind of misery
I help you, you help me
Become the one I swore I'd never be
The one that I don't ever want be

I like the way you won't apologize
I li...

Adelitas Way 20 Песен

Good enough

I know what's coming
You've taken me down this road before
Something's missing
Too many times you've let me know
And I am trying
To make it the way it used to be
Back when all you said that you'...

Adelitas Way 20 Песен

Cage the beast

I see it in your eyes
You're feeling paranoid
You know just what I've done
You know what I've become
I feel it deep inside
With all the pain and lies
I know just what I want
I am an animal


Adelitas Way 20 Песен

I can tell

I can tell by the way
When I'm holding you tight
Something is wrong
No it's never been right
I can see by the way
That you stare in my eyes
It's empty to you
And there's nothing inside

What ...

Adelitas Way 20 Песен

Somebody wishes they were you

Paralyzed and you don't know why
Feeling like somebody's fool
Try to find some peace of mind
Maybe you're hiding the truth
Thought it'd be better in a world so cold
But I want to tell you what I'...

Adelitas Way 20 Песен

I wanna be

I wanna be the one that's catching all the luck
Sitting on a mountain of a million bucks
It's time I get a taste of the Hollywood life
Sleeping all day and getting drunk all night
Can I be the one...

Adelitas Way 20 Песен


I know we've seen some better days
But I never thought it got that bad
You told me love dies, people change
But I never thought you'd light the match
I need you every time that I'm alone
I feel y...

Adelitas Way 20 Песен


I'm feeling invincible tonight
I'm alive, take a look into my eyes
This time I'ma take you for a ride
I'm invincible tonight

Believe me
You never met a mother fucker like me
Bet you never seen...

Adelitas Way 20 Песен

Closer to you

As you walk my way,
Do you see my face,
Sad behind a smile,
Fake it for awhile,
Tell me what should I do?

Can I get closer to you,
Tell me the truth,
Can I get an answer from you,
Show me a ...

Adelitas Way 20 Песен

Back from the dead

I'm back from the dead.

Out of the black
Breaking free of the wasteland.
Out of the mud,
Crawling up through the quicksand.

Leaving the dark,
Coming into the light.
Don't lay me down,

Halestorm 66 Песен

Long live rock

Long live rock!

Down at the Astoria the scene was changing
Bingo and rock were pushing out X-rating
We were the first band to vomit at the bar
And find the distance to the stage too far

Halestorm 66 Песен


Skulls, a billion empty skulls
Filling their empty lungs
With the wrong kind of drugs
Baby what have we become
A billion empty skulls
Down and out for blood
Forgot about the love
Just another e...

Halestorm 66 Песен


I did it cuz I wanna
And I did it cuz I'm gonna
And I did it just because I can
I did it cuz it makes me feel so good,
And I did it because fuck 'the man'
I did it cuz I'm crazy and no ones gon...

Halestorm 66 Песен

Black vultures

Black vultures circling the
Black vultures circling the
Black vultures circling the
Black vultures circling the sky

Feels like the end of the world
But it's only the beginning of it all

Halestorm 66 Песен


I do admit, I've come to like the attention
The heavy look in your eyes
So break a piece off of my latest obsession
A taste of pure paradise

I like the buzz because of what it does to me
I get ...

Halestorm 66 Песен

Do not disturb

I think we should make out
In a few hours I'm getting on a plane
There's a pretty safe bet you'll never see me again

I love your accent
I wonder what it'll sound like when you cum
Let's see if ...

Halestorm 66 Песен


Ooo, you were really really good last night
Ooo, I could do that twenty something more times
And I, I know better than to play along then you came along
And I, oh I'm thinking maybe I should call y...

Halestorm 66 Песен

Killing ourselves to live

Jump into the fire
Dive in head first into the flames
We're broken and tired
But giving in is not the way

Here we are killing ourselves to live
We just need one more hit
And we might just live...

Halestorm 66 Песен

Heart of novocaine

You made me tough, you made me numb
You are the maker of what I've become
And now I am strong where I was weak
And I am unafraid of being me
So say hello to the monster that you made

Thank you ...

Halestorm 66 Песен