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Great war

Where dead men lies I'm paralyzed,
My brother's eyes are gone
And he shall be buried here, nameless marks his grave
Mother home, get a telegram and shed a tear of grief
Mud and blood, in foreign l...

Sabaton 82 Песен

A ghost in the trenches

Move between the lines, a soldier breaking the confines

A force deployed from overseas
A war in foreign land await the eager recruits
And in their midst, among the men
A soldier with a different...

Sabaton 82 Песен

Fields of Verdun

As the drum roll started on that day
Heard a hundred miles away
A million shells were fired
And the green fields turned to grey

The bombardment lasted all day long
Yet the forts were standing s...

Sabaton 82 Песен

The end of the war to end all wars

Death, hard to ignore
One million lost five months into the war
Pain, fell one by one
Three years remained, it had only begun
Unable to restore
A map redrawn
Unlike what came before
The future ...

Sabaton 82 Песен


From the mist a shape, a ship is taking form
And the silence of the sea is about to drift into a storm
Sign of power, show of force
Raise the anchor battleship plotting its course

Pride of a nat...

Sabaton 82 Песен


Many many years ago, when Persia came ashore
Heeding Leonidas' call the Spartans went to war

Joined by their brothers, a few against the fateful horde
Hellenic hearts are set aflame, the hot gate...

Sabaton 82 Песен

Last dying breath

War begun, the Kaiser has come
Day or night, the shells keep falling
Overrun but never outdone
Street to street, denying defeat

Soldiers of the Serbian army
Keep your heads held high
Overrun, ...

Sabaton 82 Песен

Blood of Bannockburn

Now that our time has come to fight
Scotland must unite
We'll make a stand on Stirling ground
To put a challenge to the crown
We are one, we have come
We're here to break and end the occupation

Sabaton 82 Песен

The lost battalion

Far from their land
As they made their stand
They stood strong and
The legend still lives on.

1918 the Great War rages on.
A battalion is lost in the Argonne
Under fire there's nothing they ca...

Sabaton 82 Песен

Rorke's drift

News that came that morning
told that the main force had been slain
Chance for peace and justice gone and all talks had been in vain
A prince had been offended and he has gone the path of war
Now ...

Sabaton 82 Песен

The last stand

In the heart of Holy See
In the home of Christianity
The Seat of power is in danger

There's a foe of a thousand swords
They've been abandoned by their lords
Their fall from grace will pave thei...

Sabaton 82 Песен

Hill 3234

Landed on the hilltop, soviet forces are in place
Awaiting orders!

They were only 39
They were told to hold the line
In control

Sent into battle, came from the sky
Trapped on a mountain, and...

Sabaton 82 Песен


It's the nature of time
That the old ways must give in
It's the nature of time
That the new ways comes in sin
When the new meets the old
It always ends the ancient ways
And as history told
The ...

Sabaton 82 Песен

Winged hussars

When the Winged Hussars arrive

A cry for help in time of need await relief from Holy League
60 days of siege outnumbered and weak
Sent a message to the sky wounded soldiers left to die
Will they...

Sabaton 82 Песен

The last battle

5 th of may, V day is just around the corner
1945 the Führer reign is at it’s end

Jenny at the gates, as the SS open fire
There´s no time to waste, the final battle has begun


Sabaton 82 Песен


I was a P.F.C. on a search patrol,
huntin' Charlie down
It was the jungle wars of '65
My weapon jammed and I got stuck way out all alone
And I could hear the enemy movin' in close outside
Just th...

Sabaton 82 Песен

Afraid to shoot strangers

Lying awake at night
I wipe the sweat from my brow
But it's not the fear
'Cos I'd rather go now
Trying to visualize the horrors
That will lay ahead
The desert sand mound
A burial ground.


Sabaton 82 Песен

Night witches

From the depths of hell in silence
Cast their spells explosive violence
Russian night time flight perfected
Flawless vision undetected

From the depths of hell in silence
Cast their spells explo...

Sabaton 82 Песен

No bullets fly

From down below one enemy's spotted
So hurry up, rearm and refuel
But through the bomber's damaged air frame
See wounded men scattered and burned

Look to the right and then look again
And see t...

Sabaton 82 Песен

Smoking snakes

We remember, no surrender
Heroes of our century

3 men stood strong, and they held out for long
Going into the fight, to their death that awaits
Crazy or brave, will it end in the grave
As they'...

Sabaton 82 Песен