Patrol 17
Lying still on a snow covered field

Watch the enemy through my sight

Single column seen from the side

It will be like target practise

Await the moment and act with surprise

The first one killed won't even know he died

As they come closer into perfect range

I pull the trigger and let death take them away

The first takes a bullet in the chest

His face contorts with pain

See him go down in the snow

Then let loose on all the rest

As my weapon hammers away

Blood and intestines spray

Crystal snow now covered in red

Won't stop until they are dead

Recon patrol 17 won't make it home

Presumed as lost in action

In time they will be found

As spring uncovers naked bones

[Lead: Blomqvist]

Emptying the rifle clip

Reload and resume the killing

They turn and try to run away

From the merciless slaughter

Pumping my lead

Into fleeing backs

The ones who rape my country

Will pay with their blood

[Lead: Sahlgren]

The frozen twisted corpses

Preserved by the winter cold

A source of food and life

For various scavengers

And when the sun warms again

The remains rot away

Leaving a pile of bones

For the future to find