Time For Glory

So universal's the admiration of this story

Covered with glory and renown was the Roman king

The young princess was not pleased at what was going

on there

She was orphan but possessed extensive lands

Angry with he sister Cleopathra had a fight

She put Asinoe to death nor her brother could survive

She won the admiration of the Roman conqueror

He declared she would have been the ruler of the

Egyptian throne


Time, that was the time for the country pride

Value and glory

Rome controlled the world

Caesar the lord grew higher and higher

Cruel, terrible fate, full of mistakes

That was the story

Yet, even in death they couldn't forget the love for

each other

Back in Rome his son in law was disappointed

He found the agreement with the Egyptian pretty unfair

First he slew his master in a treacherous attack

In her desperation Cleopathra fought him till the end