Marks Poem
Somebody kill me please,

This is no fucking lie,

I'm gonna kill myself

Because I want to fucking die.

This world,it sucks,

I'm not that tall,

You stupid fucks,

Made me end it all.

Trash my life,

Kill my soul,

It's all fucked up,

Like an empty bowl.

This shit is bad,

I can't explain,

I'm always mad,

And I'm going insane.

Shut me up,

And close the door,

Wake me up,

I am no more.

My life, it sucked,

I was only a grain of salt,

I wasn't nothing,

And it was all your fault.

You fucking bastards,

You stupid whores,

You shut me out,

Out of your doors.

The time has come,

To meet the maker,

Will you find me,

Someone as a taker?

I'm in hell,

Eternal flames,

Ring the bell,

Who took the blames?