Addicted To That Rush
When I was a young boy

My momma said to me

Once a woman gets your soul

You'll never shake her free

These are words of wisdom

Tt turns out she was right

Gotta find a lover-

'Cause I need a fix tonight

Once I thought her lovin'

Was a habit I could break

But when I go without it

My body starts to ache

Whoooooo (etc.) ooooo

Watch it touch me deep inside


Somethin' snaps inside my mind

When I feel it comin' ain't no sense in runnin'

I'm addicted to that rush

Every time we touch

Never get enough

'Cause I'm addicted to that rush - Yeow!

Look around I stop and stare

Got to get a taste

Pretty women everywhere

We ain't got time to waste

Lookin' for a little thang

To fit into my plans

On the town I'll hurt you down

I'm walkin' like a man