'Bout time, come in



Take off your clothes


Bet U got a body, by God

Come on, let me see

U oughta

My camera's gonna get U when U get it good and wet

U oughta let me come and pet U so it lasts, baby


Can I see it, baby? (Mmm) Ow!

I got a good shot, put your leg on the chair (Like that?)

U know U're 2 hot when U play with your hair (Ha ha ha)

I like it

I just wanna holler, scream, and shout

When U let your fingers do the walkin' in and out and all about


Ah hoochie, don't do that

U.. U.. U make me wanna dance!

Now watch this

Lock the door and kill the phone

My camera, U and me alone

Will make a picture all will see and go

"Ow, 319"

Oh baby, how'd U get your legs 2 do that?

Ooh shit

(319) {repeat in BG}


U're just 2 mean


Yeah, yeah, go on girl

Ain't gotta tell U cuz U already know

Girl, U in the house so keep runnin' that show

Go on girl


Come here

Have U ever kissed another woman on the dance floor?

Come here, where U goin'?

Come here

319 (319)