the platform eric sermon remix

Yo (It's time to go)

On a plane or don't

Either way the show must go on and that I quote

A cat like me never knew how to backtrack

I open up doors in fact....

I see guys and girls dancin open up my flows at random

There's no retreat hold your beats for ransom

No means no and that's my answer, I see in the dark wit my lantern

Triple Optic, Iriscience, Evidence ready to rock it

Of course Babu always in pocket *Babu cut*

That's right, example of a show that's tight

Showin you corny mothafuckers what hip hop's supposed to sound like

Chorus [Iriscience]

You wanna front WHAT?

It's for the heads that know

And if you don't, check the Platform and catch a live show

You wanna front WHAT?

We pro-game selected

Family is family, world wide connected


You wanna front WHAT?

(On beats from the streets, step up party people, every word is heat)

You wanna front WHAT?

(We hit it right and exact, for my peoples in the middle, in the front, in

the back)


Aiyyo Rakaa's my name, stealth like spy planes

I defy fire armor, hit higher than migraines

Nobody's sorry on what the state of the art be

Clear the runway, I spread Wings like Paul McCartney

You're now on static, I leave em nervous, in a panic

I'm automatic, every word is cinematic

I turn stages to ?leaders? and turn verses to scenes

See with your ears, I'm turnin speakers into screens

?? Babu blast wit scratch tactics

From my block to rap addicts on Fanatic

I gotta hand it to the Green-Eyed Bandit

Like Bam Rock the Planet, Dilated expand it

Chorus *Evidence part first*


This for the ladies lookin forward to clubs these days

And turntablists, radio, and club DJ's

Rocksteady, Dilated create to devastate

Nuttin to prove but then I never hesitate

From Rob-One, Skate, Dream and Don D

For all my people put to the test like Gandhi

The Platform, takes respect to perfect the artform

At times a battleground where rappers get their hearts torn


Yo our album is nothin short of incredible

I'm from a place called "You Know My Name" clearly legible

Too many days gone by when I ain't feelin shit

Not just talkin but doin it, still revealin it

The Platform, blow trees like bees swarm

Definitely different from the norm (uh-huh)

You wanna front what?

Our strategy, mix words wit alchemy

Evidence, I won't get caught shot on the balcony


"Dilated expand" *Cut by Babu 4x*

(The Platform