Back Up Against The Wall

1 2, 1 2 3 4
Block gets hot now she cant stop,
she's a lot a lot like a robot
and she cant be bought
and her nerves are shot
and she starts to rot from the inside out
she said i don't need you to save me,
but there's people here trying to play me,
and there's no jobs that will pay me
enough to feed my family

and I got my back up against the wall
and I got my back up against the wall
and no one hears the call
cause there's no one there at all
and I got my back up against the wall

Alarm clock ringin
fools are trippin
promises broken yeah jobs are leavin
and the sky is darkenin
and the landlord's steppin
but the bus be splittin
and I won't be regrettin
and there's no more jobs here
no more love here
no more room here for me
and there's no more jobs
there's only misery here for me and my family


Now where have all the good times gone? Alright (x 4)
but something here is goin wrong, Alright (x 4)
why even bother when you're gettin clobbered?
nobody's safe and sound
off the sweat they will profit
youth they will rob it
and grind you down to the ground
o we all got big dreams now
the new factory just shut down
and there's not enough to go around
and they'll grind ya down to the ground